Divan Beds

Divan Beds

If you want comfort and style at the same time, by choosing a divan bed you can have both. 

Are you struggling with a lack of space? A divan bed can offer you different storage solutions.

Create the bed of your dreams thanks to our customisation options: add up to 4 drawers to your divan base, whether you want a headboard or not, also choose from a variety of colours and fabrics.

On top of that, when buying a divan bed from Next Divan you get a mattress included in the price! Unless you select base option. 

The Divan bed is truly coming back into homes throughout the UK. After a spell of trends in upholstered beds people are starting to take note of what the traditional Divan bed offered to homeowners. Stability, storage, and ease of movement are all good assets of this bed type. With such a large choice of fabrics, colours, and styles of headboard, your new Divan Bed doesn't have to be boring. Make more of an impact by choosing the floor standing headboard often used in Hotels. These headboards offer such more stability, and finish the Divan Bed perfectly.

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