Our products are made right here in the heart of Yorkshire. We use the finest quality materials to deliver our much loved products to our customers for their bedrooms up and down the country. 

Whilst we make the majority of our products within Yorkshire, occasionally we source materials and products outside of the U.K. Whilst keeping with our intentions of quality and assurance, our sourced products meet the highest of standards that we as a business follow extensively. 

Our industry links enable us to source ethically approved materials through our FSC regulators, ensuring criterias are met for quality and ethicality. 

When shopping with Next Divan you don’t need to worry about your next night’s sleep!

Customer Friendly

By hand making our beds, headboards and mattresses within the U.K & Yorkshire we are able to minimise the overall cost from a manufacturing and customer viewpoint. 

Cutting out the unnecessary middleman also means we have the environment in mind. With our rigorous quality control we can ensure your orders are made without any extra stress. Our products are handmade at our very own warehouse, giving you reassurance that we have complete control over the manufacturing processes we have set out.

Customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our work and has been since our business's inception over 10 years ago!

Our trained carpenters work closely with our management team to ensure consistent levels of quality assurance. 

Whether it be one of our lovely Ottoman Divan Beds or one of our Floorstanding Headboards for your bed frame, ensure the best of beds from Next Divan. 

We are made in Britain

We are a proud collaborator with The Made In Britain scheme. They make light of U.K manufacturers that are a credit to both their customers and the economy through consistent product manufacturing and the processes that make them happen. 

We pride ourselves on this accolade, keeping our product manufacturing processes within the UK, being a credit to the British economy and also our environment as we limit our carbon emissions. 

Our stress free payment options means our products are available to all of our UK customers who are looking. Inclusion of everyone no matter their situation is what makes Britain best!

If you wish to find out more about our manufacturing processes feel free to contact our bed specialists. You can do so via our phone number on 03301 330 441 or via our email address on info@nextdivan.co.uk