If you are in need of press materials for national and regional journalists, home and lifestyle magazines, tv, influencers & bloggers, our experienced Public Relations and Media team are on hand to help.

We are passionate about interiors, bedroom styling, the science of sleep, rest and comfort, and always happy to discuss these topics when the opportunity arises.

Our PR and Media team will endeavour to help with any press and media requests, and can offer in most cases the following:

A wide range of product photography, including high-resolution product and lifestyle images.

Expert advice from our manufacturing team and sleep scientists we are in contact with on various interior and sleep-related topics

Assisted PR with our Marketing & Graphic Design Department.

Products for photo shoots, product placement and in some cases gifting for competitions.

• Sponsorships, partnerships, use of our products in media and press content

We are pleased to work with various charities throughout the UK and would welcome contact if you think we can assist you.

Please contact info@nextdivan.co.uk who help us handle our PR enquiries.

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