What is an Ottoman Bed?

If you're in the market for a new bed, you might be considering an ottoman bed. These beds are super popular because they offer tons of extra storage space. But how do you know if an ottoman bed is the right choice for you?

Ottoman beds are like regular beds, but they have a world of handy storage space underneath, absolutely perfect for storing the bits and pieces in your bedroom you need but don’t want to clutter up your precious bedroom space.

Most ottoman beds feature gas lift hydraulics making it easier than ever to reveal your storage space without having to strain yourself lifting a large mattress or boards to store your items. Pretty cool, right? Plus, they come in all sorts of styles and colours to suit your bedroom’s look.

Why are Ottoman Beds Perfect in Small Bedrooms?

Ottoman beds can be incredibly handy for small bedrooms. Their unique design allows for efficient utilisation of the often-overlooked area under the bed, transforming it into a functional storage compartment. Imagine not having to sacrifice precious floor space for bulky drawers or wardrobes; instead, you can neatly tuck away extra blankets, pillows, or out-of-season clothing within the ottoman bed's built-in storage. This not only declutters the room but also creates a sense of openness, which is particularly useful in bedrooms where space is at a premium.

Furthermore, ottoman beds offer multi-functionality, serving as both a comfortable sleeping surface and a stylish seating option. During the day, the ottoman can double as a cosy bench, providing an inviting spot to curl up with a book or accommodate guests without the need for additional seating furniture. This versatility is a true asset in small rooms, where every square inch counts, and maximising the use of available space is paramount.

Choosing The Right Size Ottoman Bed

When choosing the right size ottoman bed for your space, there are several key factors to consider.

First and foremost, you need to measure the available floor space in your bedroom and ensure the ottoman bed you select will fit comfortably. Ottoman beds come in a range of sizes, from single to super king, so it's important to choose one that leaves enough room around the bed to access the storage compartment and move freely. As a general guideline, you'll want at least 30cm of clearance on all sides of the bed.

The size of the ottoman storage compartment is also crucial. Measure the depth, width, and height of the storage area to ensure it can accommodate your storage needs, whether that's extra bedding, out-of-season clothing, or other household items. Larger ottoman beds, like king and super king sizes, will offer more storage space underneath.

Another important consideration is the lift mechanism. Ottoman beds use either a side-lift or end-lift system to access the storage compartment. Depending on the layout of your room, one option may be more practical than the other. Side-lift ottomans are better suited for rooms where you have space at the side of the bed, while end-lift ottomans work well in rooms where the bed is positioned against a wall.

How Does the Mattress Stay in Place on an Ottoman Bed?

The key to keeping the mattress in place on an ottoman bed is the weight of the mattress itself. The hydraulic or gas-powered mechanism that allows the ottoman base to lift and reveal the storage compartment underneath relies on the weight of the mattress to keep the lid closed and secure. Without the weight of the mattress, the lid of the ottoman base would not stay down. The pistons or gas struts that enable the smooth opening and closing of the ottoman are calibrated to support the weight of a mattress. This weight is essential for the mechanism to function properly and prevent the lid from slamming shut or popping open unexpectedly.

Ottoman Bed vs a Divan Bed

When it comes to choosing between an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed, the decision ultimately comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Both options offer distinct advantages, and it's important to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed choice.

The Ottoman bed is a practical option that provides ample storage space beneath the mattress. This makes it an excellent choice for those with limited bedroom space, as it allows you to neatly tuck away bedding, linens, or other items. Additionally, the Ottoman's sleek and streamlined design can enhance the overall aesthetic of your bedroom, creating a modern and sophisticated look.

On the other hand, the Divan Bed is renowned for its exceptional comfort and support. With its sturdy base and plush upholstery, a Divan Bed offers a luxurious sleeping experience so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ultimately, the choice between an Ottoman bed and a Divan bed comes down to your priorities. If maximising storage space is a top concern, an Ottoman bed may be the better option. However, if you prioritise comfort, and don’t need as much storage space, a Divan bed might be the way to go. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that you're making a wise investment in your sleep and home decor.

How Long Will an Ottoman Bed Last?

​​The lifespan of an ottoman bed can vary depending on several factors, but with proper care and maintenance, a high-quality ottoman bed can last for many years. Ottoman beds are designed to be durable and long-lasting, as they are built with sturdy frames and mechanisms to support the weight of the mattress and any stored items.

Proper care and maintenance also play a crucial role in the longevity of an ottoman bed. Regularly cleaning the bed frame, lubricating the lift mechanism, and ensuring that the bed is not overloaded can all help to extend its useful life. Additionally, avoiding excessive weight or stress on the bed, such as by not jumping on it or storing extremely heavy items, can help to prevent premature wear and tear.

With proper care and maintenance, a high-quality ottoman bed can easily last for 10 to 15 years or more. We offer 1-year warranty on our ottoman beds, further demonstrating the confidence we have in the durability of our products. Ultimately, the lifespan of an ottoman bed is a testament to the quality of its design and construction, as well as the care and attention given to it by its owners.

Are You Looking for a Brand-New Ottoman Bed?

If you're in the market for a brand-new ottoman bed, the search is over. Our Ottoman Beds offer a fantastic combination of storage and style, making them a practical and attractive choice for any bedroom. With a wide range of designs, materials, and sizes available you're sure to find the perfect ottoman bed to suit your needs and personal style.