End Opening Ottoman Beds

Our beautiful range of end opening ottoman beds provide integrated storage space, are available in a number of styles and quality fabric finishes and have the option of various headboard designs that will look stunning in your bedroom.

Ottoman beds have become a really popular choice throughout the UK and it’s easy to see why. The storage space they provide is unmatched when it comes to integrated bed storage and they look fabulous too.

The storage space in our end opening ottoman beds is easily accessed by simply pulling or tugging at the bed base and letting the gas assisted lifting mechanism do the rest.

But our end opening ottoman beds offer more than impressive storage space, they’ll bring a touch of contemporary style and luxury to your bedroom too. Choose from a range of fabulous fabric finishes, including luxurious plush velvet, durable soft linen and classic tweed in a number of gorgeous colours. You’re sure to find the bed of your dreams here at Next Divan.

We also have a number of mattresses to choose from to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep, no matter your preferences. Whether you’re a front, side, or back sleeper, prefer a firmer mattress or one that’s on the softer side, we’ve got the mattress for you.



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Ottoman beds provide both style and storage. With their integrated storage space underneath the bed frame, they are the ideal choice for those who are looking for something more out of their bed other than a comfy night’s sleep.

Fitted with gas-lift hydraulics that provide easy access to the storage space underneath, ottoman beds provide greater storage space than other storage bed options such as the divan bed, because you can make full use of the entire space underneath the bed.

Traditionally, Ottoman beds are accessed from the end of the bed, however, if you are looking for an alternative, our side opening ottoman beds are perfect.

Our end opening ottoman beds are easier to assemble than you may think and our really easy to follow guides and videos, provide you with simple step by step build instructions. From assembling the base and securing the lifting mechanism in place through to fitting the headboard, our guides cover it all.

End opening ottoman beds are certainly strong and reliable, but the exact weight each ottoman bed can hold comes down to the size, manufacturer and when it comes to the lifting mechanism, the strength of the pistons. It’s always important to research these details whenever you are looking to purchase an ottoman bed if you are concerned at all regarding its weight bearing capabilities.

Standard ottomans are often designed to lift 40 to 60 kg of weight when it comes to the mattress alone, however more heavy duty mattresses will often weigh more than this, so this must be taken into account when purchasing. Contact our team of experts today to discuss any questions you may have regarding the strength of any of our ottoman bed ranges.

Any mattress type can be used on any of our end opening ottoman beds, so the choice you make really comes down to your personal preferences. However, there are a few aspects to consider beyond your sleep preferences when choosing a mattress for your ottoman bed.

For example, you must consider the weight of the mattress to make sure the lifting mechanism can efficiently lift the mattress effortlessly when you require access to the storage space.

Secondly, consider if the ottoman bed that you are purchasing features slats in the bed frame or if it’s a solid top version. Certain mattresses are more suited to beds with solid tops and vice versa, so take that into account too when choosing the right mattress for your ottoman bed.

Both ottoman beds and divan beds have various benefits and ultimately which one you choose will come down to your exact needs.

For example, ottoman beds provide a vast amount of storage space and are available in a wide range of designs, colours and fabric finishes, but are often more expensive than the divan bed.

Divan beds on the other hand are often comparatively cheaper than ottoman beds, are easy to assemble and move and are also available in a number of sizes, materials and colours.

However they don’t provide as much storage space as an ottoman bed and are bulkier when delivered, which can make them harder to manoeuvre into the house prior to assembling. They can also be a bit tricky to clean underneath due to their close proximity to the floor.

Both ottoman and divan beds are fabulous choices and you can’t really go wrong with either, but which you choose will ultimately come down to what you need from your next bed.