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Our pocket sprung mattresses offer great comfort for a good night's sleep and are available in all sizes. Using the latest techniques combined with modern technology, they contain thousands of individual pocket springs wrapped in fabric for the ultimate in support and comfort. The springs are all set into separate pockets so they provide individual cushioning for the contours of your body - a serious upgrade over the traditional sprung mattress!

We offer a range of pocket sprung mattresses no matter your budget or style, with different amounts of springs for different levels of support. Some combine a memory foam or pillowtop layer for added cushioning on top, with natural fillings including silk for the ultimate in soft luxury.

All our pocket spring mattresses are UK handmade by us to order, at our West Yorkshire factory. With fast, free delivery to UK mainland postcodes you could have your new mattress within days.

Look out for our best selling pocket sprung mattresses which bring you affordable luxury and a great night's sleep, perfect replacement mattresses for your Divan or Ottoman framed bed. With sizes from Single to Super King, we will certainly have the perfect size for your existing bed.

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A pocket spring mattress features individual springs housed in their own fabric pockets. Each spring operates independently, providing targeted support and reducing motion transfer between sleepers.

Unlike traditional spring mattresses where springs are interconnected, pocket spring mattresses have springs that work independently. This design offers better support, reduces motion transfer, and contours more effectively to the body's shape.

Yes, they can be beneficial for back pain sufferers. The independent springs provide targeted support to the spine, promoting proper alignment and reducing pressure points. Pocket spring mattresses excel at relieving pressure points, which can be a significant source of back pain. The independent springs conform to the body's shape, cushioning areas like the hips and shoulders, where pressure tends to build up on traditional mattresses. 

On average, a good-quality pocket spring mattress can last between 6 to 8 years, depending on usage and maintenance. Proper care and maintenance can significantly extend the life of a pocket spring mattress. This includes using a mattress protector, rotating the mattress regularly, keeping it clean, and ensuring it has proper support from the base.

Our pocket spring mattresses are high quality, meaning they stay extra quiet. The individual pockets prevent springs from rubbing against each other, which results in reduced noise. This design eliminates the metal-on-metal contact that often leads to squeaking and creaking sounds in innerspring mattresses.