Can your bedroom design predict your zodiac sign?

Ever wondered if your zodiac sign reflects your interior taste and choice in furniture pieces?

It has been known for people of certain star signs to reflect their known traits into their appearance and choice in style, for example Aquarius people are well suited to shades of blue and are more likely to be drawn to that colour when choosing their clothing/home decor as it is what their star sign resonates with. Today we are bringing you the best bed choice for your home depending on your zodiac traits.


The first sign in the zodiac chart, Aries individuals are known to be natural born leaders, courageous, competitive, driven and energetic. Aries people belong to the fire element zodiacs and are the most passionate of the signs, so it comes to no surprise that the colour they most resonate with is red.

The most compatible bed with an Aries would be our Florence Plush Fabric Bed, preferably in the shade chenille aubergine or raspberry, as the deep tones of red reflect the deepness of their fiery nature.


The second sign in the zodiac chart Taurus, an earth sign, are less bold than the Aries population, they are practical, ambitious, rather materialistic and famous for their stubbornness. Naturally they hold a gift of beauty, they are most likely to appreciate a luxurious lifestyle and most compatible with deep shades of green.

The best suited bed for a Taurus is our Tuscany Sleigh Plush Velvet Bed, one of our more luxurious beds, this style would suit Taurus’ life of luxury and practicality with its comfort, sturdiness, and handcrafted opulent exterior, especially in crushed velvet.


Gemini’s, our third zodiac sign, are known to be outgoing, intelligent, and most famously known for being rather nosey. Their colour is yellow, as it inspires thought and happiness for this air element sign.

Our Calvin Fabric Upholstered Bed Frame would suit the personality of a Gemini, especially in the Plush Velvet Turmeric fabric, which can introduce happiness and inspire intelligence, with its added sophistication due to the classic upholstery.


The first water sign in the zodiac, Cancer is known to be highly imaginative, loyal, emotional and can tend to be the most moody of the signs. 

Their most suited colour is blue, our Handcrafted Upholstery Bed Frame in the fabric plush velvet ice blue would best suit the style of a Cancer, the blue shade will bring out the water element of their personality and improve their moods.


Leo’s are the most confident of the star signs, they usually are the centre of attention and love a little bit of drama and flare! They are also known to be highly generous and luxury loving. Like the Aries zodiac, Leo has the same fire running through them and is often represented by the courageous lion.

The colour they most resonate with is orange, therefore our Upholstered Modern Design Bed Frame in Plush Velvet Turmeric would be well matched with the modern style that Leo possesses and would definitely be to Leo’s liking.


Our next earth sign Virgo is very hard working, creative, often reliable but can also be rather stubborn. For our hard working Virgo’s comfort is key to support their lifestyle, Earth tones such as brown and deep greens best suit this sign.

Our Wing Upholstered Bed in Chenille Chocolate would best suit this sign, the deep beautiful brown suits this signs earth side, as well as the surrounding comfort it holds which will make our virgo’s want to dive in after a long day of work.

Upholstered bed frame


Libra’s love the peaceful side of life and are natural born peacekeepers, they enjoy being social butterflies and are rather fair and idealistic in their life choices, but can be quite indecisive and avoid confrontation due to them wanting to keep the peace.

Libra’s are an air element sign and their most suited colour is all shades of pink, our Handcrafted Carnation Upholstered Bed in Plush Velvet Pink is perfectly matched with this signs peaceful and fair nature. 


The fierce and determined scorpio, with its scorpion mascot are brave, loyal and ambitious people, but much like the scorpion, they can be resentful and secretive, like a scorpion hidden in the sand.

Their colour is black and their element is water, which is why our Delano Modern Design Frame in Plush Velvet Black would best suit this signs soft and tough side.


The last fire sign in the zodiac chart is Sagittarius, they’re freedom loving people, honest, optimistic and often quite the entertainers, with lots of friends.

The colour which resonates the most with Sagittarius is a light purple/lilac shade, we think our Plush Quilted Upholstery Full Bed Set in Plush Velvet Plum would best suit this sociable fire sign.


Capricorn people are known to be extremely ambitious, and are often workaholic’s,  they are extremely persistent and have a lot of self discipline, they can also be rather sensitive people who may be touchy to certain subjects.

They’re an earth element zodiac and are best suited to a dark grey shade, we think our Quality Design Upholstery Bed in Linen Chenille Charcoal would match the life of a Capricorn and their comfort needs in their busy working lifestyle.


Aquarius is commonly mistaken for a water sign but is in fact an air sign. Aquarius people are said to be independent, intelligent and unique individual’s with a tendency to be hot tempered and overly emotional. 

Their colour is all shades of blue and we think the Hand Crafted Carnation Upholstered Bed Set in Plush Velvet Midnight Blue would be the perfect match for this sign.


The final sign in the zodiac chart is Pisces, which is a water element sign. Pisces individuals are known to effortlessly adapt to new and different surroundings, they are known to be kind and gentle and even clairvoyant from their visionary fish which resemble them. On the other hand Pisces people can be afraid of many things, they can be very naive and quite moody.

The colour which resonates best with pisces people is a very light green or emerald, the bed which would best suit a pisces person is our Pembrook Side Opening Ottoman Bed in Linen Sage Green.