In the intricate landscape of sleep solutions, the Divan bed stands as a testament to innovation and design evolution. Here at Next Divan, with our dedication to craftsmanship and excellence, provide an enlightening exploration into the myriad facets of Divan's storied history and enduring appeal.

From ottoman origins to modern mastery: the Divan bed

In the ever-evolving world of furniture, some items carve out an indelible mark, and the Divan bed is one such piece. The genesis of Divan beds traces back to the Ottoman Empire. A dominion renowned for its opulence and grandeur, the Ottoman's appreciation for luxury and comfort birthed the early Divan.

The term ‘divan’ is rooted in this history, with its etymology linking back to Persian ‘devan’, which denoted a council chamber or a piece of comfortable seating furniture, emblematic of its multifaceted function, where it wasn't just a mere piece of furniture but a symbol of status, a nexus of political dialogue, and a sanctum of comfort.

With time and technological advancements in carpentry and upholstery, the Divan underwent significant transformation. Initially envisioned as lavish seating decorated with plush cushions, it gradually morphed into the more familiar bed structure, consisting of a robust frame and accompanying mattress. In its nascent stages, Divans boasted hand-carved wooden frames, intricately detailed, mirroring the impeccable artistry of that period.

As the Divan journeyed from the skilled workshops of Ottoman artisans to the vibrant European marketplaces, it embraced numerous design modifications. The advent of the Industrial Revolution proved pivotal. New materials, notably steel springs, were integrated into its construction. These innovations not only augmented the Divan's durability but also significantly enhanced its comfort. The bed's evolution during the Industrial Revolution was emblematic of the era's spirit: a fusion of traditional craftsmanship with pioneering technology.

Divan evolution in the UK

From the chambers of the Ottoman Empire to the bedrooms of the British Isles, Britain has seen a rich tapestry of bed designs, from the ornate sleigh beds to the regal four-posters, though none have become a bedrock of British bedrooms like Divan.

Their popularity is not just confined to historical significance; it's about multifunctionality. This ethos gave birth to the Drawer Divan. Incorporating discreet drawers built directly into the bed's base, the Drawer Divan offers a streamlined solution for storage challenges, allowing homeowners to utilise every inch of their bedroom efficiently while maintaining a sleek and tidy appearance.

Its adaptability has given rise to various divan furniture pieces like the Ottoman Divan, a modern hybrid, which brings together the divan's practicality and the Ottoman's storage prowess. Moreover, their modular design eases the often overwhelming processes of moving and assembling, a feature today's homeowners greatly appreciate.

Consider it a harmonious blend of durability, support, and optimal use of space. Divans capture the essence of modern needs while holding onto their storied past — a true confluence of history, practicality, and trendsetting design.

The gold standard: How Divan beds are crafted

The making of a divan bed begins with a sturdy wooden frame, often crafted from sustainably sourced timber, forming the bed's core structure. Upon this frame, a platform top is affixed, offering a solid foundation. This is typically covered with a layer of padding for added comfort. The entire frame is then upholstered with chosen fabrics, ranging from luxurious velvets to durable cotton blends, giving the divan its signature look.

Nestled in the heart of West Yorkshire, Next Divan serves as a prime example of British craftsmanship. Every divan we create is meticulously handcrafted, merging timeless divan traditions with modern designs, all while using eco-friendly, FSC-approved materials to ensure both sustainability and unparalleled luxury.

Beyond the materials, our approach to bed-making merges handcrafted artistry with customer-centric designs. Our seasoned carpenters collaborate closely with our management team to uphold the highest benchmarks of quality. And with our diverse fabric collection, from plush velvets to linen or tweed, every sleeping space, traditional or modern, finds its perfect companion.

Sizes tailored to your needs

Every bedroom, just like its occupant, has unique needs and distinct aesthetics. Recognising this diversity, Divan beds have been meticulously designed to cater to a broad range of size preferences and spatial requirements.

For the solo dwellers or those crafting a snug sanctuary in compact apartments, the small single is a godsend. Designed thoughtfully to cater to confined spaces without compromising on comfort, it's ideal for guest rooms, studio apartments, or even for that bespoke reading nook you've been dreaming of.

Transitioning to the sprawling expanse of the super king (6ft), we see luxury and spaciousness redefined. This expansive bed is not just about size; it’s about creating an experience—a haven of relaxation in large master suites. It offers an abundance of space for couples to lounge, sleep, and relax in unmatched comfort, making weekends in bed an indulgent affair.

But life often lies in the middle, and so does the spectrum of Divan sizes. The classic single serves teenagers and young adults, while the double is a timeless choice for couples starting out or even for those who simply enjoy a bit more space. The king, as the name suggests, offers that touch of regality, giving sleepers ample space without overwhelming a moderately-sized bedroom.

Divan beds have gracefully weathered the sands of time, evolving from the Ottoman chambers to modern-day British bedrooms. Next Divan, with its commitment to quality and craftsmanship, honours this legacy while continuously reinventing the divan experience. From sourcing the finest materials to prioritising customer satisfaction and sustainability, the journey of the divan bed at Next Divan is not just about creating furniture; it's about crafting memories and ensuring restful nights.