Small Single Ottoman Beds 2ft 6in

Our Small Single Ottoman Beds measure 2ft 6in in size and are perfect for children or in smaller rooms. They offer ample underbed storage, with a gas assisted lift mechanism, which easily lifts up and takes the weight of the bed and mattress, to access the ample hidden storage area underneath.

As well as underbed storage, we offer a range of amazing designs with some stunning headboards. Choose from strut headboards or floor standing.  Our strut headboards attach directly to the Ottoman bed frame for a simple, clean and secure fixing. Floor standing are much larger and these headboards give the Ottoman a grander, more premium feel, with a larger body that reaches all the way to the floor.

Our team works hard to design and make every bed and headboard to order here at our West Yorkshire factory. We use modern techniques to keep costs low and our beds affordable, using the finest quality fabrics and materials to add a touch of soft luxury to all our Ottomans.

Our small single Ottomans are available as a side opening or end opening, depending on where the bed will sit in your desired room and how you wish to access the underbed storage.

Choose from a range of fabrics, including soft plush velvet, classic tweed and linen, with a choice of colours ranging from modern grey, navy and charcoal to brighter pinks. 

We offer free delivery, 0% finance, and 1 year guarantee on all our small single ottoman beds which are made to order, on-site at our West Yorkshire factory.

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