Small Single Ottoman Beds 2ft 6in

Looking to save space and add style to your bedroom? Our 2ft 6in Small Single Ottoman Beds are perfect for you! These beds are ideal for children or smaller rooms, offering plenty of underbed storage to keep your space tidy and clutter-free. With a gas-assisted lift mechanism, accessing the hidden storage is a breeze, making it easy to lift the bed and mattress.

Our Ottoman Beds come in a variety of stunning designs and headboards. Choose between strut headboards for a sleek look or floor-standing headboards for a grand, premium feel. Each bed is handcrafted to order in our West Yorkshire factory, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail.

You can customise your bed with a range of fabrics like soft plush velvet, classic tweed, and linen. Plus, we offer a fantastic selection of colours, from modern greys and navies to vibrant pinks. Whether you prefer a side opening or end opening design, we have the perfect ottoman bed to fit your needs.

Enjoy free delivery, 0% finance options, and a 1-year guarantee on all our Small Single Ottoman Beds. Made in Britain with the finest materials, these beds combine luxury, style, and practicality. Transform your bedroom with a beautiful Ottoman Bed from Next Divan today!

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Yes, small single ottoman beds are suitable for children, particularly for those transitioning from a cot or toddler bed to a 'big kid' bed. The additional storage space can be very practical for keeping toys, clothes, and other items organised.

Our small single ottoman beds feature a gas-assisted lift mechanism. This makes it easy to lift the bed frame, including the mattress, to access the storage compartment underneath. The gas struts take most of the weight, allowing you to lift the bed with minimal effort and securely hold it open while you store or retrieve items.

Absolutely! We offer a variety of fabric options, including soft plush velvet, classic tweed, and linen. You can also choose from a range of colours such as modern greys, navies, and charcoals, as well as brighter options like pink. This allows you to customise your bed to match your bedroom decor perfectly.

You can choose between two types of headboards: strut headboards and floor-standing headboards. Strut headboards attach directly to the bed frame, offering a clean and secure fixing, while floor-standing headboards are larger, extending all the way to the floor for a more premium, grand appearance.

Yes, some assembly is required. However, we provide detailed assembly instructions to help you set up your ottoman bed quickly and easily. If you have any questions during the assembly process, our customer service team is always available to assist you.