Divan Base

Upgrade your bedroom with one of our comfortable and convenient Divan Bases. Available in a variety of sizes to perfectly fit your space, our Divan Bases provide both style and valuable storage solutions to keep your room clutter-free.

Divan bases are a popular choice across the UK for their integrated storage capabilities and modern, stylish appearance. At Next Divan, we offer fully customisable divan bases to suit your needs.

Choose from our collection of stylish fabric headboards to customise the look of your Divan Base even further. With multiple colours and patterns to select from, it’s easy to find an option to match your bedroom decor. 

Our Divan Beds are available in many stylish fabrics, such as Linen, Plush Velvet, and Tweed. What’s more, with more than 10 vibrant colours to choose from, there are plenty of options to choose from to craft your dream bedroom. 

Providing an attractive centrepiece to your bedroom, our Divan Bases offer comfort, style, and storage solutions to help keep your bedroom organised. Available at affordable prices, our  Divan Bases make an excellent investment to revamp your bedroom. Browse our excellent selection today to find the perfect Divan Base to match your taste and de-clutter your bedroom.

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A Divan Bed is a popular bed base that combines the support and comfort of a quality mattress foundation with the convenience of integrated storage space. Consisting of a sturdy base frame covered in a range of fabric choices and featuring several storage compartments, a Divan Base provides a stylish, modern, and practical centrepiece for your bedroom.

A Divan Base is highly regarded for its exceptional durability, providing robust support for various mattress types and minimising the risk of sagging over time. This solid platform serves as a versatile canvas for headboards, catering to a range of bedroom aesthetics. 

On the other hand, Slatted bed frames provide fantastic support, can adapt to various weight pressures and provide a good level of ventilation too. The choice you make ultimately comes down to your needs and preferences, but both are a good choice.

Divan Beds have grown in popularity across the UK due to their space-saving storage capabilities and customisable design. The storage drawers and compartments integrated into the base are perfect for keeping extra linens, clothing items, and other belongings out of sight but easily accessible using the built-in smooth pull-out drawers that help keep bedrooms tidy.

The Divan Base typically does not include a mattress with purchase. However, after selecting your preferred divan bed frame size and design, you can choose a separate mattress designed to properly fit the base. Quality foam, spring, and hybrid mattresses are available to perfectly complement your divan and provide exceptional comfort.

Our divan beds ship conveniently to your home in a flat box, ready for home assembly. With clear instructions provided. The process is straightforward and manageable to put together your new bed base without the hassle of scheduling expensive delivery and setup. The Divan features pre-attached castor wheels or elegant legs for simplified completion too, whilst the drawers included are easy to install too.