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Platinum Base Divan Bed

Platinum Base Divan Bed

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  • 2ft6 Small Single
    2ft6 Small Single First
  • 3ft Single
    3ft Single First
  • 4ft Small Double
    4ft Small Double £30
  • 4ft6 Double
    4ft6 Double £30
  • 5ft King size
    5ft King size £45
  • 6ft Super King
    6ft Super King £65
  • No Drawers
    No Drawers
  • 2 Drawers on the Same Side
    2 Drawers on the Same Side £40
  • Foot end Drawer
    Foot end Drawer £20
  • No Headboard
    No Headboard
  • 32 Inch Tall Struts Headboard
    32 Inch Tall Struts Headboard £30
  • 54 Inch Tall Floor Standing Headboard
    54 Inch Tall Floor Standing Headboard £50
  • Plush Velvet Beige
    Plush Velvet Beige First
  • Plush Velvet Black
    Plush Velvet Black First
  • Plush Velvet Charcoal
    Plush Velvet Charcoal First
  • Plush Velvet Ivory
    Plush Velvet Ivory First
  • Plush Velvet Pink
    Plush Velvet Pink First
  • Plush Velvet - Navy
    Plush Velvet - Navy First
  • Plush Velvet Silver
    Plush Velvet Silver First
  • Linen Beige
    Linen Beige First
  • Linen Sage
    Linen Sage First
  • Linen Grey
    Linen Grey First
  • Tweed - Charcol
    Tweed - Charcol First
  • Tweed - Coffee
    Tweed - Coffee First
  • Tweed - Grey
    Tweed - Grey First
  • Tweed - Natural
    Tweed - Natural First

Order Summary

  • Select Size -
    2ft6 Small Single
  • Select Headboard -
    No Headboard
  • Select Storage -
    No Drawers
  • Select Fabric/Colour -
    Plush Velvet Beige
Total Price £105.00 VAT incl.


Our Platinum Divan Bed Base is one of a kind here at Next Divan, incorporating high quality craftsmanship with a beautifully upholstered finish. 

The upholstery style of the Platinum Bed Base is sure to make your interior stand out in the crowd, with its bohemian look and feel. There are a wide range of fabrics, textures and colours to choose from, including durable soft linen, to more luxurious plush velvets for a soft feel that shimmers light beautifully.

Our Divan bed bases come with storage, so you can choose from either side opening or foot end opening drawers, to suit your room layout for easy siding. This storage is fully integrated into the bed base and subtly hidden from view, offering ample extra storage space without taking up any more space in your bedroom.

The Platinum Divan Bed Base is available in all standard UK bed sizes to suit any room types, as well as a large variety of shades and types of fabrics.


Our Platinum Base Divan Bed Base is perfect for any size room. With 6 size options to choose from, all our beds are available in standard UK sizes, so will perfectly complement any standard mattress and bedding set. Our sizes range from Small Single at 2ft 6in, for a smaller cosy room all the way up to the luxurious 6ft Super King.


The Platinum Divan Bed Base offers more than just comfort, by combining practicality through the inclusion of storage options, creating a cleaner, tidier looking bedroom. Whether it's blankets, duvet covers, or bedroom accessories, your possessions are safe and sound.

Our storage options are:

  • Foot end drawer

  • 4 drawers

  • 2 drawers on the same side 

Our integrated storage options mean that you can easily declutter your room, and the storage closes seamlessly into the base, giving the bed a clean, modern look when closed.  With the 4 drawer option, you can benefit from 2 drawers on each side of the bed, giving excessive storage space within the frame without taking up any more space in your room.  If access is difficult at the sides, then opt for the foot end drawer, which can be accessed right at the end of the bed.

Next Divan Platinum Divan base bed
Next Divan Platinum Divan base bed  headboard


Add style and personality to your Platinum Base Divan Bed Base with our 2 headboard options. These integrate seamlessly into the bed base and really add stand out and style with the unique upholstered design. With hassle-free set-up, choose between Strut and Floor Standing Headboards.

Floor Standing Headboards

Fix your floor standing headboard to your Divan Base with ease. Having this option provides more sturdiness and peace of mind when enjoying your rest, and gives a grander feel to the bed as the floor standing size frames the bed perfectly. This option gives the bed a striking standout in any room.

Strut headboards

These are a traditional headboard perfect for any bedroom type, that easily attach to the bed for a lighter look and feel. They still frame the bed well, and are better for smaller sized rooms. With two sturdy struts, they firmly screw onto the bed base for a long-lasting, secure fit.

The simple button finish on this headboard is a great design feature, with our different colours and fabrics to finish it off, you can ensure it perfectly compliments your bed, design and style.


Here at Next Divan, we pride ourselves on efficient shipping solutions that aim to deliver your orders without any added hassle or headache. 

We provide all customers with free delivery to all locations within the U.K. mainland. 

Better yet, once your bed frame has been delivered by our designated courier, you will receive it pre made. A simple set up process is then required to save further stress.

FSC Approved Materials

Caring for the Earth and our environment is at the forefront of our manufacturing processes.

Through the use of these ethically sourced both us as a brand and you as a consumer are being mindful of the ecosystem’s preservation for generations to come.

FSC creates fair production for those involved and further narrows the production timeline to reduce carbon emissions that would otherwise cause harm to the environment.

next Divan FSC Approved

Made to order

Experience the highest quality for all of our bed frames. Having our products on a made to order basis is there to maximise your product's quality and longevity.

Delivery Within 7 days

Our speedy delivery services are done so within a strict time frame. Once you have placed your order, sit back and relax whilst we take over the reins.

Pre assembled

Still sitting down and relaxing? Good, because all of our bed frames come pre assembled eliminating the need for human intervention!

8 Fabric/Colour

With 3 different materials and 13 colours to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

next divan Plush velvet Fabric image

Plush Velvet Fabric

Plush velvet is perfect for those looking for comfort but also a sturdy material that can withstand the stresses of everyday use. 

next divan Tweed Fabric image

Tweed  Fabric

Tweed finishes offer your Ziggy Divan Base Bed simple but effective finishes. This material has been a prominent choice throughout history and continues to do so.

next divan Linen fabric image

Linen  Fabric

Linen is the perfect material all year round. With its absorbent, natural qualities, your Ziggy Divan Base Bed can brave the elements without eliminating comfort and style!

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