Platinum Headboard
Platinum Headboard
Platinum Headboard

Platinum Headboard

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  • 2ft6 Small Single
    2ft6 Small Single First
  • 3ft Single
    3ft Single First
  • 4ft Small Double
    4ft Small Double First
  • 4ft6 Double
    4ft6 Double First
  • 5ft King size
    5ft King size First
  • 6ft Super King
    6ft Super King First
  • 32 Inch Tall Struts Headboard
    32 Inch Tall Struts Headboard First
  • 54 Inch Tall Floor Standing Headboard
    54 Inch Tall Floor Standing Headboard £14
  • Plush Velvet Beige
    Plush Velvet Beige First
  • Plush Velvet Black
    Plush Velvet Black First
  • Plush Velvet Charcoal
    Plush Velvet Charcoal First
  • Plush Velvet Ivory
    Plush Velvet Ivory First
  • Plush Velvet Pink
    Plush Velvet Pink First
  • Plush Velvet - Navy
    Plush Velvet - Navy First
  • Plush Velvet Silver
    Plush Velvet Silver First
  • Linen Beige
    Linen Beige First
  • Linen Sage
    Linen Sage First
  • Linen Grey
    Linen Grey First
  • Tweed - Charcol
    Tweed - Charcol First
  • Tweed - Coffee
    Tweed - Coffee First
  • Tweed - Grey
    Tweed - Grey First
  • Tweed - Natural
    Tweed - Natural First

Order Summary

  • Select Size -
    2ft6 Small Single
  • Select Headboard -
    32 Inch Tall Struts Headboard
  • Select Fabric/Colour -
    Plush Velvet Beige
Total Price £79.00 VAT incl.


A one of a kind headboard, the upholstery style of the Platinum represents that of a rising sun and is sure to make your interior stand out in the crowd, with its boho look and feel. 

Strutted headboards have two reinforced struts (headboard legs) that attach the headboard securely to a divan. 

A floorstanding headboard (aka a full height headboard) is a separate headboard uni that stands on the floor behind the bed frame. They can be attached to the divan base like strutted headboards, or placed behind when the bed is pushed against the wall. 

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