Does your upholstered bed reflect your personality and style?

When choosing an upholstered bed for your home, your choice of bed frame and fabric may be a reflection of your personality. We want you to choose a bed you will love for years to come, making your decision using this guide could offer you the best help on securing your decision of what bed to buy and cherish forever!

What your Choice in Fabric Says About You

Velvet fabric has been extremely popular this year with most people swapping out their metal or wooden frames for a velvet upholstered bed.

This choice of fabric implements a stylish edge in your personality, maybe you are the kind of person who follows interior design or fashion trends quite frequently. It also has a luxurious feel and look to the fabric, which may mean you are the kind of person who enjoys the finer luxuries in life.

Your lifestyle may be calm and collected yet full of simple pleasure’s such as seeing friends, shopping, having fun and being stylish in all walks of life. 

Chenille fabric is still as luxurious as velvet but has more of a ropey look to it, choosing this fabric could mean that you are quite practical yet on trend.

The chenille upholstered beds at Next Divan are unique and trendy and can match any style of room, for example a grey chenille fabric will compliment many wall colour changes, it has a simple sophisticated edge which could be a similarity in your personality.

Your lifestyle may be hardworking and busy, yet you appreciate materialistic things.

Leather is a cool classic fabric, a fabric that holds history in each era.

This choice of fabric means you are a cool classic person, you resonate with a specific era, which leather was popular, for example the 60’s when biker men and women rode around in leather jackets, or you just simply appreciate a classic - after all, you can't beat something that will never go out of style!

Your lifestyle may be fun and fast paced, with a cool edge. 

What Your Choice in Upholstered Bed Says About You

This beautiful upholstered bed has a quilted headboard and handmade bed base, you can add and change design aspects of this bed to cater to your needs.

By choosing this bed, you are reflecting your value for money as this is one of our affordable favourites, and you may also appreciate furniture with a luxurious quality.

Your lifestyle may be demanding and busy so you require that extra comfort and a luxury feel in your bed - providing you with hotel-like escapism.

This bed has a side opening feature for storage, this choice in bed shows your deep desire for extra space -  maybe for children’s items or family items, or even travel accessories such as holiday clothing and suitcases.

If you are a Millbank owner, it’s likely that you lead a busy life and easy access to storage is required, it could also mean you are a tidy person who likes order in their space.

This bed injects luxury into your bedroom, the sleigh feature is effortlessly beautiful and can transform any bedroom to look grand and inviting.

You appreciate the finer pieces of furniture, you may have an eye for interior design and keep up with latest trends across the globe - in particular within European homes.

Working in a demanding job makes you want to jump into bed when you come home, alternatively like many of us today you may be working from home and want a bed that's inviting to work from during the day instead of an office chair.