Check out the various comfort and storage options brought to you with our Ziggy range

Our Ziggy Divan bed is the best-selling, 5-star customer-rated favourite! Designed with a luxurious, stylish edge and sturdiness to handle anything that is thrown its way! This week, let’s explore the Ziggy Divan and why it has gained such popularity! 

Upholstery Focus

The Ziggy Divan is upholstered in the classic chesterfield style, which originated in Great Britain. This design of upholstery has been around for centuries, and never seems to lose its relevance and popularity! This style is functional and an object of the modern era’s fascination with interior design from past decades. The chesterfield style of upholstery has been reinvented multiple times and adjusted in ways to follow the styles and trends of modern times.

Similarly, the Ziggy Divan from Next Divan follows this same style and upholstery design of the classic chesterfield. This could be the reason why the Ziggy Divan is among our most popular ever sold items here at Next Divan. 

Design and Build

The Ziggy Divan is built upon a plush divan bed base, with storage options of 2 side drawers or 1 large end opening drawer. The Ziggy Divan is also available as a Ziggy Ottoman here at Next Divan, with a foot-end opening ottoman for maximum storage availability. The headboard on the Ziggy Bed Base has a 32” high, upholstered headboard, designed with the classic chesterfield look for that high-end look and feel at an affordable price. 

Ziggy Options

The Ziggy Divan/Ottoman Bed Base is available from sizes small single to a super king! With storage options within the divan and ottoman styles to suit your requirements and bedroom layout. The Ziggy is available in our huge variety of colours, from subtle shades to extreme bold, your personality can truly shine through in whichever way you like through this unique bed base. The standard Ziggy is fitted with a 32” headboard, however, for more decadence you can choose the 542 strut headboard to make a statement! With our bed sets, the Ziggy Divan is paired with your choice of a Luxurious Bonnell Spring Tufted mattress, the 3000 Sovereign Pocket Memory Mattress, or the 2500 Pocket Natural Filling Mattress each made with unique fillings to suit all types of bodily requirements and sleep styles. 

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