Most of our customers will be familiar with NASA-invented memory foam. But reflex foam is another filling type found in several mattresses. In this blog, we explain what it is, how it is used and what benefits it can offer.

What is reflex foam?

A UK innovation in mattress technology, reflex foam is manufactured from high-density polyurethane and comprises tiny bubbles, which are displaced sideways when pressure is applied, rather than due to body temperature.

When pressure is removed, it regains its original shape very quickly, hence its name. Although it shares some of the same characteristics as memory foam, it offers a firmer and cooler sleeping surface, typically at a much lower price. For this reason, it is perfect for sleepers looking for effective back support on a budget.

How is it used in mattresses?

While mattresses manufactured entirely from reflex foam can be purchased, it is mainly used as an additional filling for both memory foam and sprung products, including those available on the Next Divan website. In many cases, it is placed on top of pocket or open coil springs, in order to provide sleepers with a firm supportive layer. This explains why it is often found as a filling in orthopaedic mattresses, as it enables the spine to be correctly aligned.

It is also used as a base layer in springless mattresses, again to provide the extra firmness that memory foam alone cannot provide.

Reflex foam sheets are also available, which can be placed on top of an existing mattress, again for added firmness and support. They come in various depth ranges and shapes to suit any UK standard mattress size. Thanks to their highly flexible design, these sheets will always return to their original shape after every sleep.

What are its benefits?

Reflex foam is suitable for sleepers with various needs. As it evenly distributes body weight, it helps to reduce strain on the body’s pressure points and promotes healthy spinal alignment.

For this reason, it is ideal for those who suffer from back or neck pain, while it can provide maximum support for sleepers of a heavier build due to its high density. As it is made from polyurethane, it is naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, meaning it is recommended for allergy or asthma sufferers.

We have the mattress for you

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