Upholstery Fabric Samples

Introducing our upholstery fabric range

Upholstered beds and headboards come in an eclectic assortment of styles and textures. But deciding on what fabric to go for can be a major fashion headache – make the wrong choice and you’re stuck with it! Here, at Next Divan, we want our customers to make the ideal purchase every time. So, let’s look at some of the UK’s most popular upholstery fabric options, all of which are available from our online store.

Cool but durable linen

One of our favourite upholstery fabrics is linen, made from the fibres of the flax plant. It’s especially suited for upholstering beds and headboards because it is strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton, while staying fresh during hot weather. Pure linen fabric is available in a variety of distinctive colours, designs and textures. Offering an understated yet enduring quality, it is perfect for minimalist bedrooms.

Style and luxury with chenille

Chenille upholstery fabric is typically made from cotton fibres in which lengths of yarn are twisted together, resulting in its characteristic softness. It is also highly versatile and hard wearing, meaning that it can easily tolerate sustained compression on a daily basis, while its appearance changes according to where the fibres catch the light. If you are especially looking for a more colourful option, chenille is available in one of the most extensive palettes.

Go vegan with faux leather

Faux leather is increasingly popular with customers looking for a non-animal alternative to traditional tanned rawhides. Indeed, it is an upholstery fabric that can be categorised as vegan-friendly. Better still, it needs much less maintenance and is much less prone to cracking or fading than real leather, while offering the same feeling of natural softness. Our faux leather products will complement both modern and classic bedroom styles.

Give your bedroom the velvet touch

Before the era of mass production, velvet was so expensive that only royals and nobles could afford it. Nowadays, velvet is definitely an affordable luxury and the upholstery fabric of choice for those looking for a touch of Hollywood glamour in the bedroom. It can be made from any time of yarn, such as silk, cotton and even synthetic fibres, while its exquisite softness is the result of using more yarn and multiple steps, compared to other fabrics, in the manufacturing process.

It is available as either plush or crushed velvet. Plush velvet comes with a short dense pile, which is smooth to the touch and perfectly reflects both natural and artificial light. Crushed velvet has a more crumpled texture, lending it a uniquely shimmering effect.

We’ve got the fabric for you

These are only some of the upholstery fabric options we have available. So, check out our website today to view our complete range. With many of our products made in the UK to the highest standards, as well as free delivery to most UK mainland postcodes, you can shop with confidence at Next Divan.