Across our full range of upholstered bed frames and headboards, we offer a stunning selection of fabrics to choose from, all carefully chosen and handpicked by us. We want customers to feel spoiled for choice by the varied range we have to offer, and are always happy to help you find an upholstery fabric that’s right for you and your bedroom. 

We work hard to source high quality fabrics for our range of hand upholstered beds and headboards, working with local suppliers across Yorkshire to minimise our carbon footprint where we can, support local businesses and offer consistent premium quality fabrics and materials across our range.

In this guide, we present our Plush Velvet fabric, one of our most popular upholstered fabrics across our range. We will outline what it is, its properties, look, feel and style, and how to take care of it.

What is Plush Velvet?

Plush Velvet has a long, established history spanning decades, with routes we can trace back to East Asia where it was heavily traded as part of the network of routes known as the Silk Road in the 1400s.  It was popular in countries such as India and China, being heavily adopted in Italy once trading with Europe was well established. 

It was expensive to produce, and the advancement of technology meant that the introduction of mechanical looms made it more affordable and easier to make, which boosted its popularity and it became much more widespread and loved.

It is made by weaving two pieces of fabric together as both of them face each other, resulting in a woven fabric. Plush velvet features long threads which cut to create a tufted pile, which is what it is loved for; the soft, smooth and cushioned pile on the fabric with a sumptuous texture.

Plush velvet is usually heavier than other types of velvet due to the longer pile, which results in the soft, comforting and cosy feel that proves so popular with upholstered beds and soft furnishings, for a lasting, luxurious feel.

Upholstering with Plush Velvet

It’s been part of our core fabric range now for many years, with a wide range of deep colours to choose from to create a luxurious look and feel to any beds or headboards that we upholster with it.

With a short pile that’s dense with fabric and its smooth surface, our team of skilled carpenters and upholsters find it a pleasure to work with, as a highly versatile upholstery fabric, which can also add a sumptuous look and feel to your bedroom. As well as striking looks, it’s hard-wearing nature and ease of cleaning make it a winning fabric that customers love year after year.

Of all the fabrics we use in our products, plush velvet boasts one of the most premium varieties of colour schemes, with deep dark tones and luxurious shades that you might find in a boutique hotel.  To view our full range, check out the fabric options alongside each product on our website to get a feel for all of the colours you can choose from.

Care and maintenance

As with any fabric, there are some standard dos and don’ts you will need to follow to keep your Plush Velvet upholstered bed or headboard in peak condition. You should also remember that different types of this material sometimes require distinct cleaning methods.

First, we strongly advise you to check the manufacturer’s instructions on a product label or guidance booklet - this will provide you with information on cleaning, washing and any particular treatment that is or isn’t required.

While Plush Velvet is a durable fabric, it does benefit from regular vacuuming, brushing the upholstery with a very soft upholstery brush to loosen dirt and debris beforehand to make cleaning easier.

If the fabric is stained, clean the affected area with a damp white cloth as soon as possible to prevent any stains from setting in. Make sure you don’t rub the stain or overly soak the cloth. Then, dry off the dampened spots, first by dabbing with a dry white cloth followed by applying a hairdryer on a low setting. 

A light upholstery stain remover is ideal for removing anything that might need a little help to shift. Unless recommended by the manufacturer, avoid solvent- and water-based cleaning products. For thorough all-over cleaning, why not hire a professional upholstery cleaner every few years.

Making a good night’s sleep affordable to everyone

We are confident that we have the perfect bed, headboard or mattress you are looking for, made to the highest standards of quality to suit your budget. We pride ourselves on offering a full range of fabrics and colours across all of our bedroom furniture range, so you’re sure to find something to suit your taste and style.

Plush Velvet is one of our most popular fabrics due to the luxurious feel, texture and the way it reflects light.  We offer it across our full range in a massive range of colours, shades and tones, so you’re sure to find something you love here at Next Divan.