How to sleep better with a bedtime routine:

Scientists have proven that a good sleeping pattern lengthens the human lifespan, and is crucial for regulating cell function and helping your body heal. Here are a few tips on how to sleep better and improve your life with a bedtime routine for back to work with Next Divan’s help.

Preparing yourself for sleep:

It is important to unwind and prepare yourself for sleep. A bedtime routine can massively help you to relax and  fall asleep faster. A good way to unwind from the day is to have a warm bath to release muscle tension, drink something warm such as a herbal tea and using essential oils in either your skincare or an oil diffuser - the best essential oils for sleep are lavender and chamomile.

Do not wind down with gadgets:

It is important to put away gadgets such as smartphones and iPads as the blue light they emit has been scientifically proven to disrupt the melatonin rhythm which is critical to helping us fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed. As we go back to work we are more likely to be using electronics, such as computers and phones, during the day so coming home and refraining from staring at a screen will improve your sleep.

Relaxation Techniques:

Including exercises into your bedtime routine such as light yoga stretches  to release muscle tension and relax our bodies to help wind down for sleep, it is important to not exercise too vigorously as that will have the opposite effect. Hypnotic music, relaxation CD’s or a gentle narrated script helps to relax the brain to make us fall asleep. Reading a book tires out both our brain and eyes by distracting them, which can help make us fall asleep easier and faster.

Having the right mattress to go to sleep with a smile:

Here at Next Divan we believe that everyone deserves a good night sleep and everyone has different sleeping preferences when it comes to mattress choice. Some people may prefer a firmer mattress and others may prefer a softer mattress.

Our 'Aloe Vera Sprung Memory Foam Mattress' is perfectly designed with the fantastic qualities from one of nature's wondrous plants. Our outstanding material helps promote a healthy and rejuvenating night's sleep on an affordable budget.

Alternatively we have a fantastic range of Orthopaedic Mattresses which help improve the posture for a more comfortable sleep and is ideal for those who wake up with aches and pains, our super 'Ortho Sprung Tufted Medium Firm Mattress' is a perfect in between firmness and offers aid in giving a supportive sleep to improve body posture.

Going to sleep at the same times:

Giving yourself a sleeping pattern is important, especially as we go back to work, as it ensures you are getting the right amount of sleep.

Working your life around your sleeping pattern can be easy and will ensure you get a right amount of sleep to feel refreshed and recharged daily.

It is important to get 7-9 hours sleep, under-sleeping or oversleeping can be dangerous. Little or no sleep can make us extremely fatigued and even delirious, it increases your risk of accidents at home, work or on the road, a lack of sleep can also affect your overall health and make you prone to serious health conditions.

On the other hand too much sleep can increase your risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, strokes as according to several studies done over the years.

We hope these simple easy steps can improve not only your bedtime routine but everyday life and health. As well as provided some ideas into your nightly routine!