A teen bedroom must be a place to escape from parental demands and rules, as important as they are, but also a personalised space for studying, socialising and hopefully sleeping! Creating a teen bedroom is also a rite of passage, as the occupant moves out of childhood towards adulthood. Feel like this is too much of a challenge? Then, Next Divan is here to help with our own teen bedroom ideas for both girls and boys.

Teen girl bedroom ideas

Teen girls want vibrant energy in their bedroom, but on their own terms. Make sure you start with a neutral decor, so they can make adjustments as often as their tastes and styles change. Provide space for their favourite posters and add a pinboard, where they can keep notes of upcoming social engagements and photos with their friends. This is an easy step to give them a dose of validation when they need it.

If your teen girl is still clinging to a pink colour scheme, introduce some grown-up touches such as a bold mirror or other statement piece, while adding complementary colours to the bedding or soft furnishing choices.

For a more boho look, why not find alternatives to traditional furniture items, such as using an old-fashioned suitcase as a bedside table?

Floating shelves will provide plenty of storage options for books, jewellery and other knick-knacks without encroaching on the available floor space.

When creating a study area, find a desk that can double as a dressing table.

Teen boy bedroom ideas

Generally, teen boys prefer more colour to reflect their energy levels. If this is the case with yours, why not let him paint his own room? This is a great way of allowing him to express himself and his identity.

Most teen boys also want to show off in the bedroom, whether in the form of their posters or their collections. Encourage them to choose their own bedding as well, again to reflect their personality. From their football team’s logo to their favourite superhero, there are so many design options when it comes to duvet covers.

It’s probably fair to say that a teen boy’s bedroom will often look like a gaming convention, so why not consider buying a beanbag? This will take up about as much room as a single chair, but be comfy enough to seat him and one or two of his mates.

If space allows, try to keep the study area separate from the gaming zone, to keep distractions to a minimum when homework needs to be done.

Choosing the right bed for teens

Single or small double size beds are ideal for children until their late teenage years. We also appreciate that creating a teen bedroom often means having to be creative with space, as more functions are introduced.

So, if it looks like an obstacle course or there is no available wardrobe space, we highly recommend one of our divan bases with drawers or an ottoman bed. Not only will a storage bed help to declutter the room, it will also ensure there is space for new furniture additions. Check out our website for our full collection of beds.