Calming sleep stories to help you rest your head

We often find ourselves spending countless hours in bed aimlessly trying to drift off to sleep, however it isn’t always a simple task.

Many people across the world suffer with sleep problems due to a range of factors, whether they be external or internal, it is important to maintain a peaceful state of mind before going to bed. One way of achieving peace is by reading, as The Sleep Council states that 39% of people who have a regular reading routine are able to fall asleep quickly and felt that the quality of their sleep had improved. 

Why does reading help you drift of to sleep?

A bedtime story has been a recommended remedy to help young children and babies sleep at night for many years, as a foolproof method for many families it is logical to continue this routine as we grow into adults. 

Scientists suggest that reading before bed is the best way to fall asleep both naturally and easily. Research has shown that reading allows your brain to wind down, this can be brought on by the micro movements that your eyes make as they scan the words on each page, as a result your body begins to feel tired more easily. 

Moreover, developing a night routine of reading a few hours before bedtime allows your brain to associate that activity with falling asleep as you are usually comfortably lying in bed with minimal distractions. These habitual bedtime routines can be extremely beneficial in improving your sleep quality.

Stories to help you sleep

Finding the perfect book can be a challenge at times so we have created a guide to the best books to read before bed, depending on the type of dreamer you are. 

The fantasy dreamer

To add a little bit of magic to your dreams, this is the ideal book.

The Starless Sea - When Zachary finds a strange book hidden in the library he is shocked to find tales of his childhood written amongst the pages. This story explores how reality can be mixed with magical realms to help us find our purpose. 

The romantic one

Here is our recommendation for the romantic souls looking for sweeter dreams:

Normal People - An emotionally written romance fiction describing the relationship between two unlikely lovers in a small Irish town. This book explores how one person can change your life forever and without them you will never feel complete. ‘Normal People’ pulls on the heartstrings but leaves dreams of a true-to-life love story.

next divan sleep stories

Thrill seekers

Where the Crawdads Sing - A murder mystery set on the coast of North Carolina, as the death of a young boy is suspected to be the fault of the abandoned ‘marsh girl’ Kya. With themes of loneliness, nature and thriller this book is one to open your thoughts.

The historian

The World Aflame - A bestselling history book, narrates a moving story of how conflict changed the 20th century as a result of international tensions. 

The listener

For those who prefer sounds to help you sleep, an audiobook is a great alternative. They can be both educational and soothing for the mind.

Stephen Fry - from Harry Potter to Moby Dick, many timeless classics have been read aloud and recorded with the purpose of sending the nation to sleep. 


When you feel tired but can’t sleep, start a reading routine, jump into your favourite Next Divan bed and read your way to sleep!