Lavender pillow spray: the solution to your sleep problems

Maintaining a regular sleeping pattern can be difficult for us all at the best of times but even more so during the current situation. Healthy sleeping habits can easily be disturbed by the temptation to stay up late to finish a binge worthy tv series...

However, there is a simple solution to help falling asleep become less of a chore - a calming night time routine. At Next Divan we have always been big believers in a good routine to give your life, and your sleep, more stability, for this reason we have created an unwinding DIY trick to incorporate into your bedtime habits.

The importance of a night time routine

If you are often awake in bed, pondering how to get to sleep quickly - not to fret as we may have the answer to all your problems. 

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, we often lose the ability to disconnect, with many of us admitting to the last and first thing that we do each day is checking our phones. Sleep experts suggest that the only way to completely unwind is by turning off our devices at least two hours before bed. This allows our eyes to adjust to the light and our brains to fall into a healthy state of sleep. 

Another way to build a relaxing routine is by collecting essential beauty and lifestyle products which contain calming properties - not only is it enjoyable to apply them and beneficial for your physical appearance but also better for your sleep.

The best calming properties for a better night’s sleep

There are a few essential ingredients to look out for when purchasing products with sleep improving qualities, the main being lavender, chamomile and melatonin. Each sleeping aid has individual properties to help you drift off with ease:


The lavender plant is not only used to create a beautiful garden landscape but as a medicinal herb due to its gentle floral scent. As one of the most commonly used ingredients in self care products such as pillow sprays, warm bath soaks and body lotions there is no doubt that lavender can be beneficial in generating a calming aroma.

Lavender contains a natural sedative which can increase the desire to sleep, this property reacts with the brain’s and the nervous system to reduce the feeling of anxiety and agitation. 


Chamomile is one of the longest used remedies in increasing the ability to sleep and is best taken in the form of herbal tea. Researchers argue that those who had a daily intake of chamomile experienced significantly better sleep as a result of the antioxidant found inside of the leaves which is proven to induce the brain into a state of sleepiness. 


Melatonin comes from a natural hormone found within the brain and helps to reduce sleep apnea by monitoring your daily sleep cycles as well as reducing the time that it takes to fall asleep.

To increase your normal consumption of melatonin, supplements can be taken.

How to create a deep sleep pillow spray

An easy way to incorporate these natural components into your bedtime routine is by spritzing your pillow with this Next Divan homemade pillow mist before you go to sleep.

What you will need:

1 spray bottle

1 tbsp unscented witch hazel

15 drops of lavender essential oil

distilled water

Small funnel


Take a small funnel and place it on top of the spray bottle. Fill with witch hazel and lavender oil, then fill the rest with the distilled water.

Personalise the bottle with a label and use each night by spraying it directly onto your pillow.