Discover better sleep and skin with the help of bed linens

Who knew that bed linens, cushion covers, bed sheets and so many more would be the secret to a good night's sleep, healthy skin, and even anti ageing? In this week's blog we will be unravelling the amazing health benefits behind the fabrics you put on your bed!

Pillow cases

The average person spends around 26 years of their life sleeping, that’s almost 3 decades that we lay our heads to rest upon a pillow. So why not make that pillow the most beneficial it can possibly be for your health? 

Scientists have proven that the natural moisture and oils we sucrete as we sleep, end up being absorbed into cotton pillowcases. Not only does this become unhygienic for the skin and can lead to the cause of acne, but it also causes friction between the fabric and our skin, making it stick to the pillowcase which causes lines and wrinkles over time! Experts suggest washing your pillowcases every 2-3 days, however this will not reduce the ageing affect cotton pillowcases have on our skin. 

However, dermatologists have proven that sleeping with a silk pillowcase is the answer to these problems! Silk absorbs much less of those oils and moisture that we lose as we sleep, and is a healthier sleep choice for those that suffer with acne. Another benefit of sleeping with a silk pillowcase is the frictionless surface, making it less likely to create those unwanted lines and wrinkles. It is also a great help to those who suffer with dry hair as it does not absorb the moisture our hair naturally produces.

Bed linens and sheets

Your choice of bed linen may be the reason your sleep is being disrupted, or why you may not be waking up feeling revived. If you find yourself overheating in the night, it may be due to synthetic fabric. If your bed covers are made from synthetic fabrics, they are more likely to trap heat, causing you to have a disrupted nights sleep due to overheating. Good quality cotton sheets are much more breathable, and allow your body to self-regulate its temperature, so you are much less likely to over heat in the night, leading you to have a better quality night’s sleep!

Bamboo sheets have also to be proven to have health benefits. The fibres bamboo produces to create fabric, are a lot softer to the touch than usual cotton and offer a much more comforting night’s sleep. They are also more durable than cotton, with them remaining comfortable and colourful after plenty of washes. The bamboo tree is the fastest growing tree on the planet, therefore the manufacturing of bamboo sheets holds no environmental threat, they are a great thing to consider when trying to reduce the carbon footprint in your home! 

low quality non-organic cotton is grown with a lot of harmful pesticides and herbicides, and then used in our bed sheets which pose a huge danger to our health. Bamboo is organically grown and possesses no harmful chemicals, and is not harmful to our bodies. So maybe it is time for you to rethink the sheets on your bed, as it could be a leading factor to improving your quality of life and health in the long run!