On average, we will spend one third of our lives in bed. But bedrooms are not just for sleeping in. They should be the most relaxing and intimate room in any home. So, it makes sense to create a highly personal space in your bedroom, where comfort and style combine to provide the best possible circumstances for a perfect sleeping experience. Don’t know where to start? Well, let us inspire you with some of our favourite bedroom design ideas.

French Style Bedroom

Add some je ne sais quoi

Why not transform your bedroom with Parisian chic? Typically, a Parisian bedroom will be painted in white, providing a blank canvas on which to add splashes of colour and understated elegance. Start by adding some plumped-up cushions on your bed.

Next, place a vase with fresh flowers on your bedside unit, along with a few copies of Marie Claire. A large rug is another essential, especially if you have wood or laminate flooring. Purchase a statement piece such as a chair or a lamp, then accessorise it with soft fabrics.

We recommend: Bentley Foot End Opening Ottoman Bed in Faux Leather White

Souk it up with a Moroccan makeover

The customs, traditions and styles of Morocco are increasingly inspiring customers seeking to blend rich colour with contemporary creativity. Purple and violet are often associated with the exoticism and luxury of a Moroccan bedroom. For a more romantic look, choose a bed with plush velvet upholstery in a ravishing hue. For something truly authentic, add some lantern-style lighting and a geometrically patterned rug.

We recommend: Peacehaven Foot End Opening Ottoman Bed in Plush Velvet Plum

Next Divan's Calvin Upholstered Bed

Escape to the country

The English country style is the epitome of rustic charm, cosiness and comfort, with an emphasis on simplicity. To achieve this classic look, choose a bed upholstered in earthy colours.

Then, add some homely touches featuring a mix of patterns and floral prints, along with shabby chic furniture, cushions and throws.

We recommend: Calvin Upholstered Bed in Chenille

We are the bed experts

Here, at Next Divan, we are committed to making the perfect sleeping experience affordable to everyone, whatever your budget and comfort needs. Not only are we fully confident about the quality and safety of our products, we will always help you to choose something that is right for you.

We have a fantastic range of both traditional and ottoman beds, as well as headboards, available in a range of styles, colours and fabrics. Many of our products are handcrafted in the UK. If this is not possible, we will never sell anything unless it meets our high standards of quality and excellence. We also offer FREE DELIVERY to most postcodes located in mainland UK. Please check out our website today for more ideas on how to give your bedroom a dramatic new look.