Here, at Next Divan, we believe that a minimalist bedroom can create the uncomplicated, clutter-free and calming ambience that many of our customers are looking for, without having to sacrifice any of the comfort. So, in this blog, we take a look at minimalist bedroom organisation as well as some of our favourite ideas to help you apply this style approach at home.

Why less can be more in the bedroom

A minimalist bedroom combines clean lines, a neutral colour scheme and only the most functional of items. However, the concept is not necessarily about sleek modernity, which can often feel cool or emotionless. In fact, in the Far East, minimalist bedroom organisation goes back several centuries. The enduring philosophy behind minimalist bedroom ideas is that an uncluttered space will help to clear your mind of any negative thoughts, so that you can enjoy a restful sleep. However, if it feels like you are sleeping in a storage unit or amid an obstacle course, there are a few easy steps you can follow to reclaim peace and tranquillity.

Start with a clear out

Even if you are not looking to go full-on minimalist in your bedroom, it is always a good idea to de-clutter the space on a regular basis. You should be able to navigate your way to and from your bed with ease, especially if you need to get up during the night to answer nature’s call. If you are struggling to give up certain knick-knacks for sentimental reasons or find a home for those big items like suitcases, then one of our ottoman beds could solve your storage problems.

Add just a splash of colour

For the perfect minimalist bedroom, make sure you select a palette with tones such as beige, cream or light grey, rather than vibrant or complex colours and patterns, for your walls, floors, curtains and bedding. For this reason, allowing as much natural light into your minimalist bedroom is a must. Meanwhile, anything colourful should be kept to a minimum for impact. This could take the form of a framed print or a zen-inspiring houseplant. You could also invest in a statement piece of furniture, which above all should be as functional as it is complementary to your minimalist bedroom’s overall look, feel and vibe.

Choose the right bed frame

Despite the ongoing demand for sumptuous luxury in the bedroom, there are plenty of bed frames which are perfect for a minimalist makeover. Try to keep your choice of design and upholstered fittings as understated as possible. We recommend the linen-upholstered Calvin bed frames, promising the ultimate in both simplicity and comfort. To view our full range of bed frames, check out our online store today, with free delivery included for most of our products to mainland UK postcodes.