An organised mind is an organised home - achieve this with storage beds!

The magic of decluttering your home has become an international phenomenon. Since Marie Kondo, a professional organiser, hit our screens with her method of mindful tidying a community of enthusiasts has been born. Some neurologists argue that when you can visually see piles of laundry and cluttered bedside tables, then your thoughts are automatically creating mental tasks to organise the mess and your thoughts are automatically driven to laundry room. 

At Next Divan we are strong believers of organised bedrooms being crucial in achieving a good night of sleep. For this reason we have created a simple guide to simplify your daily routine and put your mind at rest. 

Step 1: Categorise your belongings.

This is helpful across the house as we often store similar items in various rooms, for example you may keep your books in your living room but also your bedroom, or maybe you have coats hoarded in your wardrobe but have a pile by the front door. Therefore, it could be helpful to ask yourself; what do I truly need and wear? Then organise these items by season or genre. 

Step 2: Respect your possessions.

An essential decluttering tip that you should keep close to you is creating a bond with what you own. Once we feel affection towards our assets it is easier to create clutter free space. If you find that dress you bought 4 years ago and only wore once, thrown at the bottom of your wardrobe - is it really important in your life? 

Step 3: Folding your clothes to make space.

Clothes hanging in your wardrobe can quickly become a big pile of disaster - as one item falls down they all seem to follow. This is why in bed storage solutions are a great way to exceed in lessons of organisation. 

With ottoman beds, winter season clothes such as thicker jackets and jumpers can be folded and stored out of sight under your mattress, creating more room in your home. We design your underbed storage bed frame so that it is easy to lift and can maximise as much storage space as possible. This is achieved through a hydraulic system installed at either the foot end opening or the side opening - depending on the layout of your bedroom. 

There is a specific space saving folding technique to follow which involves making a long rectangle and then folding the bottom up to create a smaller square. A divan bed, bed frame is perfect for the vertical folding technique as the 4 drawers provide substantial space which allows you to visually see your clothing and fall back in love with fashion and to find your style.

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