Introduce a divan bed base into your bedroom for a clever storage option

When it comes to purchasing a bed, a lot more than just picking, choosing, and buying are involved. Purchasing a bed is an investment, which takes much thought and consideration. Here at Next Divan, we have every type of bed you could need for your specific requirements. This week we will be exploring divan beds and their benefits. 

What is a divan bed? 

A divan bed is a crafted bed made from wood and covered in a soft layer of padding and upholstered with quality fabric. Divan beds also have fitted drawers with alternative size options to be tailored to your needs. 

Divan beds are great for those who require just that little added storage instead of introducing a full 

set of drawers in a cramped space, which helps avoid cluttering. Our divan beds at Next Divan have two drawer options at the same side, four drawer options at the opposite sides, or a large foot end drawer. 

We have twenty-one divan bed styles here at Next Divan, each with its upholstered style, storage options, and multiple fabric choices available. 

Divan beds at Next Divan

We have a brand spanking new range of beautiful divan beds available at Next Divan, each with its unique style of upholstery to suit each interior and personal style. 

One of our personal favourites from our collection is the Galaxy Divan Bed, with its beautifully detailed upholstery, which is a chesterfield style with alternating sections. This bed is a timeless classic that is due to be stylish for years to come. Available in a variety of fabric styles and shades. 

One of our customer favourites is the Ziggy Divan Bed. This bed is 5 stars rated, loved by our customers, and doesn’t break the bank! This bed is another classically styled, with distinct upholstery and availablein a variety of fabrics.

If you are looking to spruce up your bed base, for a longer-lasting, sturdier feel and with storage available as well a stylish headboard then our Platinum Bed Base is perfect for you. The Platinum Bed Base is on-trend, affordable, and can be tailored to your requirements.