Our top 5 ways to enjoy lockdown home comforts

This year the majority of us have spent our days at home. With the recent announcements in the news, most of us will continue to do so as we comply with UK lockdown rules such as the 10pm curfew, which has definitely put a spanner in the works for most people’s weekend plans. The ever changing government updates suggest that most of us will yet again be spending more time at home. So, why not make the most of it?

With winter quickly approaching and autumn in full swing, there is no longer the option of enjoying the warm weather, going on walks in the sun and having BBQ’s like we previously did in the summer months during lockdown. Therefore, we want you to enjoy the benefits of staying at home with our top 5 tips for finding comfort in our homes during a winter lockdown. 

Creative Home Activities

Games and quizzes have become a recent phenomenon and a great way to pass the time with family. Being at home every day has been a perfect excuse to dig out old favourite family games. Why not organise a games night? It is sure to keep your loved ones entertained and you can make it more exciting with personalised quizzes about each other or certain subjects that you like (films, music, food etc,), or try out bingo, charades, board games and even drinking games.

Hosting a pizza making night is a delicious way to have fun whilst at home, there are many recipes online of how to make your own pizza dough, and great topping ideas, this is a fun activity for all ages! You could even take it one step further by making your own pizza oven and focusing your new found time in lockdown on up cycling old materials to create your key to the very best homemade pizzas!

We are also loving the idea of hosting an indoor BBQ, by cooking your favourite BBQ meats and vegetables on an indoor grill, this means enjoying your favourite summer BBQ treats throughout winter, throw on your favourite summer attire, have a cold beverage and play your favourite summer time tunes to complete your BBQ night. The list of themed nights you can host is endless, making your own miniature golf in your living room, hosting your own come dine with me, having a bake off and playing an at home scavenger hunt are just some of our favourite home activities.

Using the lockdown to learn a new creative skills is a fantastic use of time, why not consider taking up a craft such as knitting, crocheting, painting and scrapbooking and make a piece that would remind you of this time in years to come, perhaps a scrapbook of photos with family and friends of times spent indoors playing games and cooking, or knitting a winter scarf for upcoming walks in the snow.

Winter Clear Out

It is officially time to change out our summer wardrobe for a cosier, warmer winter one, and maybe even swap out our furniture for more seasonal interior pieces. Lockdown is a perfect time for a clear out, and with all the rearranging and organising  there will be a greater need for storage to place the things no longer needed in our homes.

Help organise your life with our Appian Foot End Opening Bed it is a stunningly stylish bed frame available in many fabrics and colours with a quilted detail headboard, the bed lifts to reveal a storage space inside, perfect for storing your out of season clothing and small furniture pieces. 

Alternatively for those of you who do not have that much to store, our Linen Cubed Divan Bed Base has two drawers (more drawers and ottoman storage can be added to this bed base if needed) it offers you that little bit extra storage without having to buy a chunky set of drawers limiting space in your bedroom. It is  available in various colours and fabrics. Clearing out all the rooms in your house such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and little areas such as work desks and vanities is important to obtain a neat area and confusion free living space. Organising and storing your belongings where and when you need them leaves for a stress free life, allowing you to easily reach for life's necessities. 

Home comforts during lockdown

Self Care

Self care is important at any time of life, taking care of yourself is your time to unwind and relax. The UK Lockdown has been an uncertain time for all of us, with the daily  announcements causing us stress and panic, it is important to switch our brains off and relax.

Start your relaxing night in by running a bubble bath, read your favourite book or magazine while relaxing in the warm water, make a homemade face mask or hair mask you can use in the bath, once out and dry treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure and use your favourite lotions on your skin, make yourself your favourite hot drink before bed, such as camomile tea to calm you before sleeping. Taking care of yourself and having a well cared for body reminds you that valuing yourself is important and it can boost your self confidence.

Date Night In

According to couples therapists, date night is an essential part of a relationship as it improves communication. Many have said in the past lockdown months that the pandemic put a serious pressure on relationships, causing divorces or separations between couples. As the new guidelines are put in place it is important not to forget spending quality time with your partner. It could be cooking your partner a meal or cooking together something you both enjoy, drinking your favourite wine together and watching a movie to create the perfect romantic setting.


The world may not be working in its usual way at this time, but that doesn’t mean your brain has to stop working too. The spare time you may have now can be used to educate yourself on a new topic. Get yourself involved in an online course, with just a click of a button you can add to your qualifications or test something you already have knowledge of but would like to further your studies in. It could be a new language, a cooking course or even a new form of physical activity. You could also take a course in real world studies, issues such as racism, world hunger and environmental crisis are still very much ongoing despite the lockdown, being at home with free time is a good opportunity to catch up and educate yourself on these issues so we can help make a change.