How to be in control of co-sleeping

Being a parent of young children and getting a good night’s sleep are not always two things that go hand in hand. The challenge of putting your children to bed every night, more than likely ends in a lost battle and a bed shared between three instead of two. 

Co-sleeping occurs across half of the homes in the UK with small children. Although childhood is a time that should be cherished by parents, a balanced sleeping routine is needed in order to live a healthier and less stressful life.

What is co-sleeping?

Co-sleeping happens when the parents intentionally plan to share their bed with their baby or child or unintentionally get into the habit of sharing their bed after their baby has woken up during the night. The method of sleeping as a family unit is helpful in comforting the child and building a stronger bond. It can also be a more convenient way to feed during the night. 

How to safely co-sleep?

If you plan to share your bed with your baby from the stage of being newborn, there are certain safety measures that should be considered. 

  • Having a clean mattress is essential - prevent pets in the space so you can be sure that your baby is sleeping in a sterile environment
  • Create a protective barrier around the edges of your bed or between the wall
  • Keep pillows, sheets and blankets far from the baby as these can be detrimental in providing a safe space due to suffocating and overheating
  • Always remember that co-sleeping is not ideal in every scenario such as; if you or your partner have been drinking, either parent smokes, or you feel extremely drowsy

The best bed and bedding for co-sleeping

A super king or king size bed is ideal for the ultimate family bed as there is enough space for both the parents and child, as well as lower risks of crushing or overheating the baby.

Look for a medium firm mattress for the best support for your child, too much padding or memory could increase the risk factor.

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How to stop co-sleeping

It is obvious that there must come a time in your child’s life when they move into their own bedroom. This plays a big part in personal growth and independence and can also allow parents to sleep better.

At what age sleep training begins, varies depending on each individual scenario. However, once you have made the decision then it is imperative that you make the parents bed out of bounds for the child. 

There are various techniques provided by health professionals, such as keeping a chair close to the crib so the baby can sense that you are close, using calming sound machines to help the baby fall asleep calmly, and for toddlers it is helpful to make their bedroom a place that they enjoy being in by filling it with their favourite comfort toys. 


What are your tips and tricks for co-sleeping?