The Direct Links of Interior Design on your Mood

It has been scientifically proven that colours have a direct effect on our mood. It has also been proven that January is the darkest month of the year. Festivities have ended, impossible diets have commenced and the work deadlines pile up… Why not insert a bit of colour and personal style into the only place where you can truly relax - your bedroom. 

An effortless way to achieve this is through the Next Divan fabric bed frame collection. A selection of colours and styles are available, such as faux leather, chenille and plush velvet in a variety of products; including the ottoman bed and divan bed. 

Bedroom Design Choices Based on your Mood

Here is a breakdown of which colour would be best for you to help you make the best decision:

Red: In reference to the upcoming Chinese New Year, the colour red is a symbol of luck and fortune. This oriental shade is also associated with energy and passion - something we can never get enough of. Red is often used within master bedrooms to create a feature wall, however an upholstered headboard in a beautiful rouge shade is a more subtle way of achieving this look. 

Pink: Feel like you have got yourself together with an elegant blush pink tone. A neutral tone that is easily paired with other colours such as a cool coloured bedside table we suggest the Chelsea Hand-Crafted Upholstered Bed Frame to add a touch of class. 

Blue: When we think of blue we are often reminded of the sky and the sea, two of the most calming atmospheres of the world. If you struggle with your sleeping pattern and suffer with restless nights, incorporating blue hues into your bedroom decor will help to maintain a relaxed mind. Accomplish this with the Next Divan plush velvet ice blue headboard.

Grey: Despite grey being a darker shade, it can often generate an inviting atmosphere that makes you feel welcome as you step into the room. It is important for you to feel comfortable in your bedroom as it provides you with your own personal sanctuary. Our full bed sets are stocked in luxurious charcoal and silver coloured designs and come in all sizes from single to king size. 

Green: It can be difficult to incorporate nature into our busy schedules, but with a hint of sage green,  fresh and awakening ambience can be created. Modern bedrooms often match these colours of nature with minimalistic and stripped back, wooden features.

Which colour is best suited to your personality?