Is a hybrid bed an investment to a better night’s sleep?

Struggling with sleepless nights and back pain? A hybrid mattress offers cool comfort pain relief that could transform your nights rest and make you feel refreshed daily.

A hybrid mattress is a multi-layer bed that combines memory foam, latex or gel along with an innerspring system. This type of mattress offers the perfect blend of pressure relief from the foam mattress and also the sturdiness of a spring mattress. 

Health benefits of a hybrid beds

Hybrid beds offer great edge support, this means they have a strong structural integrity due to the spring system, they are supportive to your whole body all the way out to the edges.

The spring and foam combination works to contour the body and provides pressure point relief wherever needed. The hybrid mattress is good for your back as it provides structural support, which encourages proper sleep posture and spinal alignment while the rest of your body is given love from the foam that it may not necessarily get from a spring mattress.

A hybrid mattress offers a little bounce that memory foam mattresses do not give, instead of the sinking feeling you get from a memory foam, the hybrid mattress offers more bounce yet comforting foam and airflow with the innerspring core which allows for a cooler night's sleep. 

The hybrid mattress also helps reduce motion transfer for the lighter sleepers out there, this is because of the individually wrapped springs which move separately from each other, however traditional springs move all at once which isn't good for motion transfer and is more likely to wake you up.

ehhmy hybrid mattress

Next Divan’s Guide to Buying a Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress is an investment as it is beneficial to your health and posture ensuring that fresh feeling when you wake up instead of an achy back.

Our Ehhmy Hybrid Mattress features our latest advances in bedding. It is made up of layers of material supported by micro pocket springs giving both comfort and support to your body while sleeping without having to break the bank. 

This mattress has a main layer of 1,000 pocket spring surrounded by 5cm  Reflex foam as well as the supportive 2.5cm ‘Coolblue’ foam, this type of foam is much cooler than regular foam therefore giving you a cool airy refreshing sleep, this mattress is made for recharging yourself and improving any body aches and pains you may have.