No matter if it is a master, small or guest bedroom we have the best bedroom decor ideas for all


New year, new you, new home! This week we will be exploring the new and upcoming interior trends for 2022, from wall decor to must-have beds, we have all you need to introduce a fresh new life into your home. We will be covering everything from large spaces to making the most of small bedrooms, as well as modern and even boho designs. 


Trending interior colours


Number 1 on our list for 2022, is an unconventional sunny yellow! To celebrate the freedom upon the horizon from the rocky past years, we have all experienced, the bright pastel yellow is amazing for capturing this. Although yellow can appear to be intense, do not be put off by this cheerful, fun-loving colour!


If you are looking for something to match your neutral interior, switch up your plain white walls with a soft off white shade to add a great balance to neutral, rustic interiors -  totally on-trend this year!


This new year we have seen a great recognition of the vintage style of old-fashioned Italy and Greece. To replicate the beautiful, vintage beach style of little Europe, a stone blue shade to add a getaway from home feel to your house for the new prospecting year. 


New styles bedroom to come in 2022


Sustainability is on the menu for 2022! This year sustainability is a top concept throughout all moral choices, including interior design. Adding sustainable items can start at the very heart of the home - the bedroom! Up to 96% of under 30-year-olds are now considering sustainability when purchasing bed linens and accessories. Through natural cotton and materials, you can achieve a beautiful boho, neutral vibe without the carbon footprint!


A new statement pattern to add to your room will help you set yourself apart from the crowd! Opting in for an eye-catching wallpaper helps your interior theme flow nicely. By selecting a bold print, you can easily coordinate this with bed linens, cushions and various other accessories. 


Comfort is the key to happiness, that's why comfort is trending in 2022. Adding layers to your home helps introduce a sense of cosiness and comfort, which is a great addition after spending so much time in the lockdown. We have a home space that is inviting. This can be great for all sizes and styles of rooms. 


How can Next Divan help?


With comfort, colour and sustainability in mind, we want to bring you our top items to introduce to your home in this new year! If style and comfort is on your checklist this year, then our beautiful, handmade Flexby Divan bed is a must-have buy! This bed combines skilled craftsmanship with unique design, available in a wide variety of colours to liven up your bedroom and super cosy to help you achieve the comforting look and feel trending in 2022. The Flexby Divan also offers secret drawer storage options to help keep your things organised and obtain a clutter-free space throughout the new year. 


Here at Next Divan, we take the environment seriously! If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint this year and still not cut corners when it comes to comfort, our Silk 2500 Pocket Sprung Natural Filling Mattress is perfect for doing just that! One of our most premium mattresses, the Silk 2500 is filled corner to corner with everything you need to utterly transform your sleeping experience. This mattress has a 2000 pocket sprung core, surrounded by luxury natural wool, silk fibres and polyester fillings to make sleeping so much better! 


So how is this mattress eco-friendly? We mindfully use a supplier of polyester who is completely committed to producing and using recycled plastics to help produce polyester that makes up this mattress! Here at Next Divan, we are proud to be taking part in reducing our own carbon footprint and are working actively to make more use out of single-use plastics.