Nobody wants to get out of a warm bed on a cold, early morning. But colour is one way to make us feel energised enough to pull back the quilt. So, from bedding to paint, wallpaper and furniture, taking your bedroom colour scheme seriously makes total sense. If you’re struggling for design ideas, Next Divan is here to help with our guide to the most popular bedroom colour scheme ideas for 2019.

Colour trends for 2019

Bold, opulent and dramatic colour schemes have very much celebrated by every bedroom stylist this year. Meanwhile, at Next Divan, we have seen customers increasingly picking up on this trend and asking for beds or headboards that will offer a little bit (or a lot) of everyday luxury and glamour in the most comfortable room in the home. Certainly, now is not a time to be reserved when choosing what colours and tones to introduce into your bedroom.

What should I consider?

First of all, it makes sense to think about what you don’t like about your current. Next, work out your budget and stick with it. This is especially important because, if this is done correctly, you can be sure to finish the job. You can then go ahead and selecting your preferred colours and tones, making sure they are complementary. If this is proving difficult, go online and download one of the many colour matching apps available.

Our favourite bedroom colour schemes

Blue to end the morning blues

In these hectic times, we are all looking for peace and tranquillity. This probably explains why blue – think clear skies or a calm sea – has been a popular bedroom colour choice for 2019. Put another way, blue offers a safe harbour when you go to bed and a useful mood booster in the morning. To enhance the effect, go for lighter blues with dusty whites, while avoiding too much furniture and audacious decor to minimise visual clutter.

Getting in touch with nature

Green is increasingly becoming a colour of choice for the bedroom, thanks to its soothing associations with nature. It is especially complemented by earthy and pastoral tones, such as creams or pale browns. This scheme is ideal if you want to turn your bedroom into a garden sanctuary.

Luscious teal with hints of yellow

Teal is a dark blueish green, which creates a deeply relaxing mood. Gentle on the eye, it is an ideal bedroom colour for a bedroom, adding a distinctively classy touch. It works well with fairly neutral yellow tones, with the colours bouncing off each other to give you that vibrancy you need in the morning.

Time for a change?

We hope this guide has given you some useful ideas on how to transform your bedroom’s colour scheme. Whatever you decide to go with, we certainly have a bed and headboard to match. This might be a good time to invest in a new mattress too. Check out the Next Divan website today for more inspiration.