Take inspiration this Earth Day with the best of sustainable interior design

Sustainable living has become increasingly popular, as it has proven to make a real difference in society. A committed sustainable lifestyle will reduce your carbon footprint, and positively improve the environment. Collectively, living sustainably benefits the world to become cleaner and healthier!

Sustainability has become an important part of fashion, food and lifestyle industries, but especially in the world of interior design! In this week's blog, we will be giving you all the sustainable home decor advice you need for this Earth Day.

Sustainable Interior Designers we love!

To help you gain some extra inspiration for your sustainable home redesign, here are some of our favourite sustainable home designers! 

Oliver Heath Design brings sustainability into all of their design aspects, with a primary goal to always improve the well-being of others through architectural and interior design.

Grounding us to the earth which surrounds us, Oliver Heath Design specialise in productive, happier and eco-friendly spaces and design. Incorporating natural materials and textures to create well ventilated and restorative spaces, which have proven to lift the health of customers mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Synthesis Eco-Friendly Interior Design is a firm that focuses on the green side of living! They actively use  eco-friendly materials and practices when decorating homes, to promote sustainable living! We especially love Synthesis because not only are their interior designs friendly to the environment, they are also executed beautifully, with a minimalist Scandi feel to bring the outdoors in!

Last, but definitely not least on our list is Tracey Stephens Interior Design, which specialises specifically in ethical, and eco-friendly kitchen and bathroom designs, both classically made and affordable. Tracey’s philosophy with interior design is that your home should offer a retreat whilst preserving mother nature! Definitely advice you can take into your new home design or renovation project when looking to live more sustainably.

How to be more sustainable within your interior

Do you have a redesign or renovation project upcoming in your home? Consider taking extra steps to be more sustainable and improve your carbon footprint. Here at Next Divan, our speciality is in the bedroom and we definitely know a thing or two about being more eco-friendly!

When it comes to choosing materials, consider recycling natural woods, for larger storage pieces, and decor such as wicker which is on-trend now! You can purchase natural homeware in the UK at leading stores such as Etsy, Made, Dunelm and even Primark Home! 

If it’s time for a mattress upgrade, then our Silk 2500 Pocket Sprung Natural Filling Mattress is affordable, packed full of important materials for the perfect night's sleep and most important of all ECO FRIENDLY!

Here at Next Divan, we use a supplier of polyester who are committed to only using eco-friendly plastics when producing their polyester. We are actively working towards eliminating single-use plastics, to not only help our customers get the best night's sleep but also save our planet in the process!