Which is the best bed in summer for a better night’s sleep

Brighter colours and lighter fabrics, compliment the warmer weather. If you are looking for a bed that will cooperate with the summer sun, then look no further as we have created a guide to help you choose the best bed and how to sleep better during the summertime heat.

Summertime interior design 

It is no doubt that the average seasonal temperatures have increased as a result of global warming and the majority of homes within the UK have not been designed with this environmental change in mind. Whilst we try to live more sustainable lifestyles and reduce the damage caused to our planet, there are also interior design choices to consider in order to live and sleep better during the summer. 

It is time to think cool tones and heat breathable materials to create a liveable bedroom as nights become warmer. 


Your bed headboard can become a heat conductor if the wrong fabric is chosen. Try to avoid fabrics such as leather, nylon, acrylic and polyester which are known for trapping moisture and prevent ventilation.

We recommend natural materials such as linen and wooden headboard which are loosely woven or allow heat to quickly escape from the surface. 

Try the contemporary Eleanor Upholstered Headboard in a linen fabric for refreshing headrest.


Colour is key when looking for comfort during the heat. When choosing soft furnishings and wall paints, avoid dark colours which absorb more light energy and therefore make rooms feel warmer due to the trapped heat. To create a fresh and clear bedroom atmosphere opt for lighter, neutral tones.

We love our pastel range of upholstered bases and headboards such as the Chelsea Handcrafted Upholstered Bed Frame in a linen sage customised option.

Create airflow with storage options

Divan beds and Ottoman beds are ideal in creating space within your bedroom for air to pass by freely, and therefore create a breathable space. 

Organise heavier quilts and bed throws into the under-bed storage drawers and tidy away any unnecessary items which can make the room feel cluttered and stuffy. 

Our bestselling Linen Fabric Divan Bed Set is great for keeping the clutter away and the room feeling bright and airy.

Cooling Mattresses

Your mattress is an investment piece within the bedroom so make sure to get something which is suitable for all seasons. There are various compositions of mattresses which are suitable for different types of sleepers, but if you often feel restless during the night as a result of being hot then an airflow mattress is for you!

Try out the 5 Zone Pocket Sprung High Quality Mattress as this mattress combines cool-touch surface fabrics alongside airflow vents within the layers of memory foam. Also consider that a super king size will allow for more space and a great night’s sleep.