Here, at Next Divan, our amazing range of mattresses offers different levels of support and comfort to meet every customer’s needs as well as budget. In this blog, we look at pocket sprung mattresses, explaining how they are constructed and their benefits, as well as which sleepers they are recommended for.

What are pocket sprung mattresses?

These mattresses are manufactured from a few hundred up to as many as 4,000 small, softer springs, each of which is placed inside its own fabric casing. Although the pockets are nested together, each spring works independently, enabling the mattress to conform and adjust to the contours of your body. This, in turn, provides a level of support and comfort to reflect the individual needs of those sleeping on it. For this reason, these mattresses are ideal for sleeping partners of different weights or firmness requirements, as the nature of their construction helps eliminate “roll-together”.

Better-quality models are enclosed in cotton pockets, which are nested by hand and tied in a honeycombed pattern. Cheaper alternatives tend to be encased in pockets made from synthetic fibres, before being lightly glued in linear rows.

The most luxurious options are sprung edge divans, manufactured with a pocket spring unit mounted on a frame, which acts like a massive shock absorber and thus increases the resilience of the mattress.

All your comfort needs covered

Pocket sprung mattresses are available in a wide range of comfort grades, from soft to very firm. The right comfort grade mostly depends on your personal preferences as well as sleeping position. The soft comfort grade is suitable for side sleepers, as the extra cushioning provides the necessary support for their hips and elbows. For those who sleep alternative between their back and front, the medium comfort grade helps the spine keep its natural alignment. However, for those who mainly sleeper on their back, firm and very firm grades are advisable, as they offer the ultimate support for the spine.

From our collection

If you think a pocket sprung mattress is for you, let us take this opportunity to introduce our favourites.

  • The 4000 Pacific Pocket Mattress is perfect for sleepers with back and joint problems. Manufactured using state-of-the-art orthopaedic springs, its design supports spinal alignment and relieves pressure points, while its medium comfort grade means it is suited to most body types.
  • The 6000 Gold Pillowtop Pocket Spring Mattress is recommended for sleeping partners of different weights or firmness preferences. Individually nested pocket springs are combined with memory and reflex foams to deliver maximum personalised support and maintain body temperature at a comfortable level. As it is a no-turn mattress, you won’t need to flip it over to maintain its durability.

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