Does a new year call for a new mattress?

At the start of a new year we like to set out to make changes, to make the new year better for yourself or in general with small changes or resolutions.

So why don’t we make the resolution to update our sleep health? Sleep health is a factor in most people’s lives that is usually overlooked, because we're not exactly knowledgeable as to what may be affecting our quality of sleep whilst we have drifted off.

But there is one main factor that affects sleep health which is your mattress and how it supports your body during your sleeping hours. So does a new year call for a new mattress? Next Divan are here to answer all your questions!

How old is your mattress?

Every mattress needs replacing after 6-8 years or maybe earlier if you begin to find lumps and bumps causing discomfort to your body. It is important to replace your mattress after 6-8 years as they are the main harborer of dust mites in your home, this is especially important if you struggle with allergies and asthma as your old mattress will worsen your symptoms massively. Secondly if your mattress is sagging or dipping in certain areas from where your body lays, this is a sign of age and that it needs throwing out and replacing! This leads to unevenness in your mattress which leads to it negatively impacting you sleep and causing back pain. 

Thirdly, if your mattress is making more noise than usual from noisy springs it is time to update it. The springs causing the noise as you move in your sleep are likely to wake up you or your partner and disrupt your quality of sleep and increase the amount of times you wake up in the night. 

Noticing you sleep better at somebody else’s house? Hotels? Or even on the sofa? Well this is a sign you may need a new mattress. You may not notice the negative effect your mattress is having on your sleep as you become used to it, but feeling more refreshed sleeping on a different mattress is a sign that the root of your issue is that you need to invest in a new one.

Lastly, suffering from joint, muscle and back pain which becomes most noticeable when you wake up on a morning and persists through the day is a sign you need a new mattress. Any sign of pain after sleep is a major tell tale sign that you need to buy a new one. After a full night's sleep you should feel alive and refreshed, any new noticeable pain is an issue.

Which mattress should I switch to? 

The majority of us are still in lockdown right now, which is also a reason as to why you may be noticing issues with you mattress as were spending a lot more time in bed. Whether you are working or studying from your bed or just relaxing more due to being furloughed, now is a better time than ever to treat your body to a new sleeping experience.

You may be thinking, how can i get out of the house to buy a new mattress? Well you don't have to, in fact most mattresses now are purchased online and brought to your door conveniently in a box. Our team at Next Divan can deliver any mattress to your door with just a click of a button, and your new and improved sleeping journey will begin.

Deciding which mattress best suits you can be intimidating, there are so many types of mattresses, spring, foam or both! It can be hard to make the right decision, at Next Divan we consider ourselves experts in sleep and have a mattress for every type of person out there.

New mattress

If you are wanting a mattress with ultimate body cushioning and support, cloud like comfort and a cooling surface, Our range of Ehhmy mattresses are made with indulgent layers of foam which respond to your bodies every move. Its carefully engineered dual-layered foam technology delivers a heavenly sleeping experience. The mattress' unique design features the main layer of soft K30R foam as well as the supportive 'Coolblue' foam. 'Coolblue' foam is so named as it is much cooler than regular foam which supports a more comfortable night's sleep. It even has a handy zip cover which can be removed and is machine washable, this mattress is available on our website in soft, medium and firm to suit just about anyone’s sleeping needs.

Prefer spring over foam? We’ve got you! Our best selling 5 star rated 3000 Diamond Pocket Sprung Mattress is made with quality damask fabric and can be used on either side, The 28cm depth of this mattress is needed to contain all the goodness inside, this mattress is made up of 1000 pocket sprung core, topped of with a layer duo pad and a primary filling of 750g of polyester. All of this together makes up a medium-firm mattress which is perfect for most types of sleepers, and is certain to provide your body with the support and comfort it deserves.

At Next Divan, we have a huge range of mattresses, whether you are looking for a particular fabric, foam, spring or firmness we will have the right one for you. We even have a range of mattresses designed for orthopaedic struggles if back pain is your main concern. Whatever mattresses you may require we can provide!