Get to know Ehhmy - the best mattress online for comfort and support.

Buying a mattress can be a difficult task, with so many options and variations out there it can start to feel a little overwhelming. To ensure you make the correct decision, it is a good idea to develop a deeper understanding of what type of sleeper you really are. Also, of what support is needed to relieve pressure during the night. For example, if you regularly sleep on your back then you will require a different type of mattress to a side sleeper. 

At Next Divan we have created a handcrafted collection of our modern ‘Ehhmy’ mattresses, offering a variety of qualities for a world full of unique sleepers. Each mattress is available in a range of sizes from single to super king. 

Ehhmy Standard Mattress

Starting with the standard option. This mattress combines an average level of comfort and support, meaning it balances between the softer and medium side of firmness. It is designed to carefully support the body whilst moulding to your shape. The formula of ‘Coolblue’ foam means that the mattress is less heat retentive compared to the traditional foam bed. 

We recommend this mattress to those of you who often shift your sleeping position from one to another during the night - also known as the wrigglers. 

Ehhmy Soft Mattress

The ‘Ehhmy Soft Mattress’ is the ultimate comfy mattress for side sleepers. In relation to back pain and sleep related injuries, people who sleep on their sides are more likely to feel higher levels of tension within delicate points of the body. This can be a consequence of a poorly chosen mattress. 

A softer mattress is needed to gently support your hips and shoulders. This mattress has been carefully engineered using a dual-layered foam technology to deliver a heavenly sleeping experience. The top layer of K30R foam is soft, meanwhile the layer of ‘Coolblue’ foam provides support. 

Ehhmy Medium Mattress

Doctors suggest that sleeping on your back is the best position in preventing spinal pain. However, we should not ignore the necessity of spinal alignment support to ensure maximum comfort. Medium firm is the perfect mattress type for back sleepers because anything that is too hard or too soft could be harmful for your back. 

The ‘Ehhmy Medium Mattress’ creates the perfect balance between softness and support. Also, there is the opportunity to decide what level of thickness would work best for you and also your bed base, from 20cm to 28cm.

Ehhmy Firm Mattress 

It is more common for stomach sleepers to wake up feeling a great deal of pain within the central and lower spinal area. This is because they often fall asleep cradling a pillow which can lead to nerve pain in the shoulders. Therefore, to ensure a good night of rest it is essential to consider purchasing a mattress of the highest level of firmness. 

Our ‘Ehhmy Firm Mattress’ features a main layer of 40H firm foam as well as V50 viscose memory foam to enhance your sleeping experience. This firm combination will be beneficial in reducing your current pains and aches and preventing future injuries. 

Ehhmy Hybrid Mattress

Using the latest advances in bedding, we were able to produce the ‘Ehhmy Hybrid Mattress’. There are three aspects to this design, including; a main layer of 1,000 pocket springs, 5cm 32F Reflex Foam as well as 2.5cm of ‘Coolblue’ foam. An important benefit of this memory and pocket sprung mattress is that it generates a greater degree of support than any other. It is the ideal product for both back and stomach sleepers. 

We suggest using this guide to help you discover the mattress made for you! Next Divan also offers a one year guarantee that allows a trial period towards the best night's sleep.