Here, at Next Divan, we are committed to making a great sleeping experience affordable to everyone. That is because we know how beneficial a good night’s sleep can be for your physical as well as mental health. In this blog, we look at bed frames and ask how they can affect the quality of your sleep.

woman laying in bed
divan with headboard base

Bed frames explained

There are two main types of divan:

A platform top divan base comprises a solid and sturdy wooden frame with a non-sprung panel top, which is upholstered with a fabric cover.

This type of base is usually the firmer as well as the cheaper option.

Sprung divan bases are considered to be a more luxurious option and usually higher in price than platform top bases.

They are available as either sprung edge or firm edge bases. These types of divan are constructed with a spring unit inside the base, which acts as a giant shock absorber.

More than just a good night’s sleep

A platform top divan base is ideal for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface, especially if you have a limited budget. This is also the best option if want higher levels of support for your back. For this reason, this type of base will perfectly complement your orthopaedic mattress.

While spring divan bases are the more expensive option, they can offer excellent value for money when you consider the benefits. In particular, by adding another layer of support, they offer cushioned support and a softer sleeping surface. Their design also helps to extend the lifetime of your mattress. In the case of firm-edge bases, they prevent sleepers from rolling off the bed.

full divan with headboard and footboard

Your number one choice for all things beds

At Next Divan, we will always help you choose the bed frame that’s right for you. We offer a wide range of traditional singledouble and king size divan beds, as well as ottoman beds, which come with a variety of storage solutions. Our collection includes elegantly designed and upholstered bases with matching headboards, all available in various colours, fabrics and styles.

We also give you the chance of having them delivered to most locations in the mainland UK for free. You can be confident that our outstanding customer service will make your purchase experience the most positive ever.