Do you often feel like walking through you home is like tackling an obstacle course? Or do you have sleepless nights about where all your visual clutter will go? Then, Next Divan is here to help with our guide to transforming your bed base into the ultimate storage solution, including when you have limited space available.

Storage options to suit your space and budget

If you are in serious need of finding somewhere to hide your books, CDs, DVDs, luggage, bedding and towels, Next Divan has an impressive range of storage divan bases suitable for any bedroom at a price you can afford. Therefore, allow us to introduce you to our traditional and ottoman beds, which will declutter your sleeping environment, so you can concentrate on feeling relaxed and getting a good night’s sleep.

Many traditional divan frames come with drawers. For a budget storage option, go for a frame which offers two drawers, located either on the same side of the bed or at the front end.

Choosing a four-drawer model means you can enjoy the advantage of having two drawers on either side of the bed.

Ottoman bed frames are specifically designed to marry the very best support and comfort for the sleeper with the most generous storage. If you are not familiar with the ottoman design, which dates back to the 14th century in the region that is now modern-day Turkey, this type of bed frame includes an empty space located directly beneath the mattress base.

The storage area is accessed by lifting up a hinged frame (which is designed to stop the mattress from slipping off), with the help of a built-in hydraulic system, from either the foot end or the side. However, quality is never compromised because the ottoman frame is always designed to offer maximum comfort and support, as well as maximise the durability of your mattress. Furthermore, thanks to the ample nature of the space underneath the mattress, bulky items such as bedding, out-of-season clothing or suitcases can be easily stored.

Small bedroom storage ideas

Modern housing often means smaller rooms, both upstairs and downstairs, even though, on average, our storage needs are on the increase. If this applies to you, we would certainly advise investing in a side opening ottoman, as it is the preferred choice for smaller bedrooms with very little space in front of the bed, or when the only place you can locate your bed is against the wall.

If you prefer divan bases with drawers, then the best option will depend on the size of your bedside units. Choose two-drawer frames if you have large bedside units, but we absolutely recommend four-drawer options if you have bedside units which are small in size.

Solve your storage problem with a Next Divan bed

At Next Divan, we are committed to not only making sure that a great sleeping experience is affordable to everyone, but also that your choice of bed frame offers added value, especially when it comes to storage. Check out our website today and explore our range of beds with both drawer and under-mattress options.