Is your guest bedroom welcoming, practical and comfortable, where guests can kick back and unwind? If the answer is no, Next Divan is here to help. In this blog, we offer our own guest bedroom tips to inspire you.

Think like a guest

If you want to turn your guest bedroom into a relaxing retreat, you simply need to think like a guest. Recalling those finishing touches you loved when staying in your favourite boutique B&B is a good place to start. You could also spend a night in your guest bedroom to work out what’s needed. We certainly recommend a reading lamp, blankets and a carafe of fresh water. Meanwhile a basket containing mini toiletries will add a touch of luxury, as will a travel kettle – but don’t forget teabags, instant coffee, sugar and milk!

It’s all about the bedding

As the guest bedroom will mostly be used for sleeping, it is important to use quality bedding, which has been freshly laundered. This should be hypoallergenic to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction. Go for a colour scheme that complements the decor and furniture, as you would expect to find in a top hotel. If whites dominate the room, add a few bold splashes of colour, but don’t overdo it.

Accentuate the comfort

If you’ve tried sleeping in the guest bedroom yourself, you’ve probably worked out where comfort is lacking. First and foremost, pay close attention to the essentials, starting with the mattress. You don’t need to invest in anything from the upper end of the market, but a creaky, sagging mattress is not the main memory you want your visitors to take home with them. Unless you have a small guest bedroom, add an armchair if your visitors want to relax without having to lie down. Alternatively, scatter the bed with some comfy cushions so they can sit up in bed.

It’s not a storeroom

We all know that storage options at home can be at a premium. But, how many of us have stayed in a so-called guest bedroom which is more like an assault course? There is nothing worse than waking up in an unfamiliar place to answer a pressing call of nature, wondering how you’ll cross the room without waking your host or stepping on something unexpected (Lego bricks – ouch!). So, try to keep the space as uncluttered as possible, especially the floor. To avoid your visitors feeling like they are living out of a suitcase, make sure there is an easily accessible and reasonably empty wardrobe as well as a chest of drawers.

Your online bed experts

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