Next Divan’s favourite autumn interior design trends for 2020

Autumn - A time when the leaves fall, the weather changes, and we prepare for winter. As our wardrobes get ready for the autumnal switchover, there are so many interior changes that can be made; here are some ideas on how to design a cosy sleeping space for autumn.

Autumnal Beds

We spend around a third of our lives in our bedrooms, adjusting our interior to the changes in the seasons makes for a more cosy, tranquil living space. This year more than any other year before, we have spent a lot more time in our bedrooms due to lockdown, this may have made some of you want to make some changes and create a more welcoming, warm and seasonal place.The main feature in any bedroom is obviously the bed, we have some beautiful bed frames in mind to help you spring into autumn.

An upholstered headboard offers modern and sleek comfort to the bedroom. Our Wing Upholstered Bed Frame combines classic features with a modern twist and a beautiful winged, buttoned headboard. We love this bed in the chenille chocolate fabric, for its ability to add warm cosy colours wherever possible to your autumn bedroom - your bed should definitely be the most warm and inviting element of the room! Adding warm toned, natural materials will create a more autumnal feel, this can include bed linens, thick cosy blankets and throw cushions to instantly add more serenity and comfort.

Another bed which would be perfect to complete your cosy autumn room is the stunning Tuscany Sleigh Plush Velvet Bed, which is one of our most popular beds in our collection, it adds an effective flair to the bedroom. Experts at Hillary’s have predicted that a popular home trend is surprisingly pastel pinks and walnut wood for Autumn 2020. Delicate chalky shades of nude and pastel pinks bring tranquility to a room, that's why we love the Tuscany Sleigh Plush Velvet Bed in the chenille caramel fabric, this colour incorporates hues of nude browns and pinks to add that tranquil feel to your cosy autumn bedroom.

Autumn Trends
Autumn bedroom design

The Little Details

Adding small touches of fashionable walnut to add a modern autumnal feel is really effective to complete your cosy bedroom. With the rich and comforting tones in walnut, it is no surprise that it has been popular for many years, it now comes in many contemporary shapes and sizes, our personal favourite touch of walnut is a small side table with copper legs, they make a beautiful yet simple eye catching piece in any room.

Interior Design Trends for this Season

For a Scandinavian cosy style, add earth clay shades of grey’s, whites and earth toned browns for a simple yet welcoming feel to the room. You can do this by using different woven textiles of these shades in your bedding, pillows, curtains or rugs. Using wheat in a vase is a good autumnal alternative to flowers, the colours in wheat are calming and fit in with a Scandinavian style room.

A popular interior trend in 2020 has been dark statement walls, such as a stand out navy blue wall, a colour you wouldn’t always expect to see but we think it looks vibrant and amazing. Pairing this with natural greens, greys, blacks and hints of gold creates a stand out room, combining unique interior design with the coziness of natural autumn colours, and a modern twist from the usual deep reds, oranges and browns.

Small touches such as golden copper wire LED fairy lights, seasonal plants, autumnal scented candles, chunky knitted blankets and layered rugs, add simple yet autumnal coziness to your bedroom, with colours reflecting the outdoors as we transition through to autumn. 

What are your favourite trends of the season?