How a Pure Relief memory foam mattress could solve your snoring problems?

The issue of snoring

We are a nation of 15 million snorers. This figure is then double when the sleepless other half is considered. Many nights are spent trying to drown out the noise, instead of taking control of the issue. There are changes that we can make to prevent this issue and to create the ultimate sleep experience. Including listening to what your body is saying and upgrading your current lifestyle to improve your quality of sleep. 

Why do we snore? 

Snoring is an action caused by the vibrations of the throat and tissues within the nose and throat, if there is a partially blocked airway then the snoring sound occurs. These blockages can also occur more frequently depending on your age, health and also by external factors such as the quality and cleanliness of your bedroom. It is important to consider the small things that you could modify to achieve a better nights sleep. 

Mattresses and Snoring

Upgrading your mattress is an instant step towards achieving a ‘snoreless’ night of rest. The average person spends around 8 hours of their daily life in bed - so it is no surprise that our mattresses can have a direct link to our sleeping patterns and health in general. Due to the fact that many of us keep the same mattress for a countless amount of years the quality and cleanliness is not always at its best level. Older mattresses with less allergenic protection are more likely to attract dust and dust mites which are extremely unhealthy for our respiratory systems. 

Next Divan Solutions

At Next Divan we suggest replacing your mattress every 6-8 years. Furthermore, investing in a high quality product can offer your various advantages. Here are the best mattress for our community of snorers:

1. 3000 Optimum Pocket Sprung Mattress

This mattress is designed to offer a medium level of firmness through the individually nested pocket springs. The perfect option for people who snore as it is essential to sleep with a straight and supported spine, whist the high density memory foam moulds to your shape. Another benefit to this product is that it is a turn mattress, allowing you to maximise the comfort and support for the duration of the 8 years. 

2. 4000 Pacific Pocket Mattress

This bed base combines medium firm foam with orthopaedic spring enhances your support level. The deep layers of quilted aloe vera produces calming aromas in your bedroom, as well as naturally fighting against anti bacteria that may be affecting the way that you breathe at night. 

Both styles are handmade in the UK, in a range of sizes. 

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