Our customers regularly ask us about the best mattress guaranteeing a perfect night’s sleep, night after night. In this blog, we aim to help you find out what mattress is the most suitable for you.

What type of sleeper are you?

Asking yourself this question is a useful place to start. If you are not sure, try to analyse your behaviour before nodding off or ask your sleeping partner if you share a bed. Here are some pointers to help with your investigation.

When you wake up during the night, are you stuck in a dip in the middle of the bed? Does your sleeping partner complain about you tossing and turning throughout the night? If the answer to either question is yes, your mattress is certainly well past its use-by date.

If you sleep on your side but find it uncomfortable, your mattress is probably too firm for your needs. Meanwhile, if sleeping on your front is causing you discomfort, your mattress is probably too soft.

The material used to make a mattress can also explain why sleepers get too hot and sweaty or feel too cold and shiver in bed.

Is your bed telling you something?

Firstly, looking for any visible signs of wear and tear. If you have a sprung mattress, you should also listen out for unwanted creaks or pings.

If you’ve noticed worsening allergy symptoms, especially when in bed, this could be due to the accumulation of dust mites or even bed bugs.

If you have a large and heavy mattress, you need to make sure your bed frame can effectively support it. For this reason, avoid buying a cheaper frame. If you’ve put on a few extra pounds in recent months, this will add further pressure to the frame.

Our recommendations

Next Divan offers three main types: orthopaedic, pocket spring and memory foam. Here are our recommendations:

  • If you are a sleeper with back and joint problems, we recommend the 4000 Pacific Pocket mattress. This boasts state-of-the-art orthopaedic springs, which will help with spinal alignment and relieving pressure points while its medium firmness makes it suitable for most body types.
  • For sleeping partners of different weights or firmness preferences, we recommend the 6000 Gold Pillowtop Pocket Spring Mattress. This combines individually nested pocket springs with foam to offer maximum support based on individual needs and maintain body temperature at an acceptable level. Its no-turn design means that you don’t need to flip it to maintain its durability.
  • If you are looking for a highly personalised sleep and an end to waking up with aches and pains, we recommend the 7-Zone 6+2 Memory Foam Mattress. Made from the latest generation of memory foam, this delivers pressure relief where needed most. It responds to your body heat in order to mould around your contours, while it is designed to improve airflow and maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

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